Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Repeats that six letters arrived on Monday and that they would cable Christmas wishes on Thursday. Supposes it is colder now in camp and hopes he is well fed and clothed. Eager to know if he gets any greetings from them. Made enquires to see if they could send him replacement boxing gloves but found out not allowed. Mentions gifts of money they had received for him and catches up with news of family and friends. Thanks him again for his offer of Christmas present for him but notes they are very scarce.




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[inserted] 98 [/inserted]
[inserted] 19-1-42 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson. Lancs.
Sunday. Dec. 21st. 1941.
My dear Douglas.
Last Monday we were very delighted to receive 6 letters from you dated from August 24th to September 17th & on Thursday we got the cable with Christmas wishes. Thank you so much, love, for all these kind remembrances. On Saturday I sent a cable which we hope you will get just at Christmas. It will be nice for you to have a tangible reminder but you do not need it to assure you of our loving thoughts & wishes always. I suppose it is colder with you now & I’m wondering if you are warmly clad & fed. You will surely miss the kind friends in Tunis at Christmas. I’m so eager to know if you have got any of the Greetings, calendars, (2) & card. When you told of the sad state of your boxing gloves I went to town to enquire about sending a set for you. They were supposed to be very good ones hair-stuffed & were 35/- the set. Then we got instructions from the Red Cross about what we were allowed to send to prisoners in Africa – nothing of a padded nature – so that put an end to my enquiries re boxing gloves. Really love it doesn’t hardly seem worth sending anything
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unless, of course, you have any real wants, then we would make every effort to fulfil your desires. Yesterday we had per registered post two pound notes (£2) from Jaffes “which please send to your son with our best wishes for Christmas.” I told you in my last letter that Grandad sent you 25/- & Auntie Dorothy 5/- so we will put it away, as usual. I went to see Mrs Clayton on Thursday as I told you in my last letter. Did I tell you she said she had sent you a book for Christmas via Sherrat & Hughes. I was very surprised when she couldn’t tell me the name of it. However you will no doubt let me know if it arrives safely. Did I tell you she is intending to buy the house in Rectory Road outright & to continue to live there? Do you think our help & sympathy, in the past, have been misplaced? We are certainly beginning to think something of the kind. Queer world isn’t it? In one or two letters I have [inserted] written [/inserted] thanking you for so kindly offering such a splendid gift for Christmas. Those things are very scarce & we shouldn’t think of trying to get one until you are here to share the pleasure with us. But thank you so much love for all your kind thought for us. When I write my first new year letter to you I will number it I & will keep a record of numbers & dates. Perhaps then I will be able to form some idea what news you receive from home. Now love my story is ended once again. We are looking forward all the time to peace & joyous reunion, when the story will be unending. Meanwhile all our love & thoughts & prayers from Mother & Dad. Happy New Year!!
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat North Africa.



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