Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Reports arrival of six letters from him written in August and September. Glad he has access to books and enjoyed news of birthday party and culinary efforts. Comments on other content of letters. Catches up with news of activities and of friends. Writes of other correspondence and passes on news. Notes a letter from Red Cross about sending parcels but only a few things they are allowed.




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191 Halifax Rd.
Nelson. Lancs.
Wed. Dec. 17th/41
My dear Douglas.
You can imagine, can’t you, just how delighted we were to have six letters from you on Monday morning dated from Aug. 24th Sept. 3rd 6th 11th 14th 17th. Though they were written 3 months ago it was grand to read of your “doings”. It is a great joy to me to know that you & Tony have much in common & that you have access to a few good books. I just loved to read of the 21st birthday party. It certainly was a great culinary effort but I remarked after reading the menu the boys must have good “tummies”. The comment was good too & spoke volumes – “no ill or after effect.” Well love we’ve been thinking today of a year ago when life with us was somewhat of a nightmare. Peggy arrived about 3-30, quite unexpectedly, in dense fog. What a hustling & bustling there was preparing the room etc. Fancy me hustling & bustling on a dark foggy December day!! This day has been most beautiful, just like spring, & I’ve enjoyed my usual Wednesday joinery. Tomorrow I intend to go to Manchester to see Mrs Clayton. A letter from her on Monday told
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that John had 6 days leave to help settle up the affairs consequent on Mr Clayton’s death, “a poor thing he was at it practically day & night”. One of your Monday letters commented on the news I sent to you about his new suit. I fear John is a very disappointed man. It does seem such a pity – such a waste of first class material don’t you think. He is still at the same place where, as you know, he has many kind friends. My mail this morning included a long cheery letter from Vera asking for your latest address, a very long letter from Dora Lucas who has been gravely ill following an operation & is now convalescent. Also a letter & particulars from the Red X, about sending parcels to prisoners of war which appears to be the same as we got from G.P.O. Manchester a year ago. We have not done anything about sending a parcel yet. There are so few things that we are allowed to send. Even block chocolate is now removed from the list. I have done a great deal of writing during the past days. My letter to Marjorie crossed hers to me & as she specially asks for your address I must let her have it as soon as possible. Goodnight now love. I am still awaiting reply to my cable of Dec. 8th. Sending Christmas message Friday. All our love & thoughts & prayers from
Mother & Dad
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Algerie North Africa.



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