Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Nine weeks since last letter but understands difficult circumstances and glad to stay in touch by cable. Passes on news from friends letter but surprised they did not understand why he had not replied to letter from them. Writes that father is now much better and about recent activities. Continues next day, still no letter and concludes saying she is off shopping.




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[inserted] 90 [/inserted]
[inserted] 30-12-41 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Thursday 27/11/41.
My dear Douglas.
Dad is out again so I am sending just a few more lines to you hoping that you will receive some of my numerous letters. The days just pass away & I feel quite sad & bewildered when no letters come. It was nine weeks last Saturday since we had the last one. Of course we understand that very difficult circumstances obtain & if we can just keep in touch by cable we shall be most thankful. I wrote to you on Tuesday & mentioned having a letter from Mrs Clayton. She said that John was acheing [sic] [inserted] (is it spelt correctly?) [/inserted] for a letter from you – that he had written many times & was surprised not to hear from you. Which is rather surprising! & I thought John would understand your difficulties. Anyhow it was a great relief to me to know that he was still at the same place. Although circumstances are very different we still remember happily & affectionately “our boys” & the thought of him being sent away worries me a great deal. I am pleased to say that Dad is much better again & is now practically free from cold & cough. Last night Mr Chester, from next door, came in for a couple of hours & there is no doubt the company is good for Dad. The weather
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is wonderful for the end of November & this afternoon I had a grand walk up the hill – the air felt very fresh & nice. Yesterday I did a bit of digging up in the garden. It looks quite tidy today & I did wish you could have seen the birds which came for the scraps of food this morning. I’ve never had so many different kinds of birds to feed. This morning there was a magpie, a thrush, a chaffinch 4 tits & umpteen starlings & sparrows. I have a little robin, but he didn’t join the party this morning. Well love it is 9-30 so I will say Goodnight to you now & make a cup of tea & finish my letter in the morning. Always hoping I can tell you of precious letters received.
Friday morning & still no letters from you so I just keep on looking forward. A little message on the wireless this morning brings comfort & pleasure. “God gave us memories that we may have roses in December.” And mine are very lovely, bringing to me every day great happiness. Thank you love for all the happy memories you’ve given to me.
Presently I shall be setting out to do my shopping. It is quite an outing, as we are a 2 bus ride from town then I have to walk quite a long way to the shop at which I’ve registered. Really the walk does me good & it is really very pleasant to come back through the park. The town is typical, small industrial, & I am thankful we live well out of it. Goodbye love once again with all our love & thoughts & prayers & “Happy Christmas” from Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Algerie North Africa.



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