Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Nine weeks since last letter but glad they still get cables. Writes of her current activities and of getting relay wireless service for one shilling a week. Wonders how he is faring in his new camp. Catches up with family news and correspondence from friends passing on details. Acquaintance asks if he had received letters sent as had not had a reply from Douglas. Writes of state of garden.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[inserted] 30-12-41 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Tuesday Nov. 25th/41.
My dear Douglas.
This has been such a beautiful day & I’ve been thinking of you all the time. – of the lovely outings we used to have together on just such a day & always I am looking forward to our joyous reunion. It seems such a very long time since I had your letter dated August 28th – nine weeks last Saturday & it is a very great blessing that we have the privilege of the cables & again I am eagerly awaiting the reply to the one sent on Saturday. I have just been ironing, & listening in to our relay wireless. The old A. R. V. made very terrible noises (I think I told you in a previous letter) so we decided to get a speaker & have the benefit of the relay service which costs 1/- a week. There was no charge for installation so really it is very cheap & I’ve never done so much listening in & when I hear the men overseas exchanging messages with their [deleted] deary [/deleted] dear ones I just wish I could hear your voice too. I am wondering all this long time what you are doing & how you are faring in your new camp. You will enjoy the cooler weather if you are warmly clad & have enough food. It is such a worry when we can’t do any
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thing to help. Dad has got more cold, with a cough this time but he seems in better spirits this time. You know how quiet he is & how very “exciting” things are sometimes. Some weeks ago when we went to Manchester, (I sent you a cable the same day) Dad called to see Mr Allen but found a notice saying the office was closed on Saturday mornings so on Sunday Dad wrote him a little note giving what little news we had of you. This morning I had a letter from Mrs Clayton. She told that John was home on the 15th (as I told you he expected to be) but as usual was out a great deal & I am glad we were not there to interfere with his pleasure. It is a relief to know that he is still at the old spot. Mrs Clayton says John would like to know if you have received his letters as he is very much surprised that you have not written to him.
I’ve just been into the garden to look at my strawberry plants & they look “sad”. It requires more faith than I possess to visualise luscious fruit on them next summer. The apple tree has not yet arrived. There are no bulbs peeping yet. Seven years ago, when little nurse was with us at Worsley, the bulbs were showing about 2 inches out of the ground but it is rather cold & exposed here & no doubt growth will be somewhat retarded. Only four weeks to Christmas now, then we look for lengthening days again & always we look for peace & joyous homecoming. Meanwhile, always, all our love & thoughts & once again Happy Christmas from
Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Algerie Afrique du Nord.



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