Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Eight weeks since last letter and getting anxious. Sent cable with pre-paid reply last Saturday. Mentions activity round North Africa and hopes they will soon get good news. Writes of visit to library and getting out book about Laghouat which she describes. Hopes he will not be affected by cold winds she read of in January and February. Writes of effect separation has had on her. Wonders what news he has had and whether any of their letters got through. Discusses content of letters and catches up with news of family and friends.




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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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Prisoners of War Post
[inserted] 86 [/inserted]
[underlined] AIR MAIL [/underlined]
[three postage stamps]
755052 Sgt. J. D. Hudson
Interned British Airman
Camp Militaire
Afrique du Nord.
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Mrs Hudson
191 Halifax Road
[inserted] 23-12-41 [/inserted]
[inserted] 86 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson. Lancs.
Sunday. Nov 16th/41
My dear Douglas.
It was eight weeks yesterday since we had our last letter from you & as the days pass we become anxious. I sent a cable to you on Saturday, Nov. 8th, with the usual prepaid reply, but there has been no response so far. Of course we know that there has been more than the usual activity around North Africa so we just keep on hoping that each day will bring good news from you. Yesterday Dad & I joined the Nelson library. We are allowed one fiction & one non-fiction book at a time. For my none fiction book I got “In Lightest Africa” by H. J. Kenny & believe it or not it is a story of Laghouat. – the travels of an Englishman & his wife who after 3 years residence in London had the longing to return to the Sahara & the story tells of their journey [indecipherable word] & experiences while setting up house-keeping at the Oasis of Laghouat. From the book I learn that Laghouat is 2,500 ft above sea level, & that the climate for most part of the year is good. It tells of intensely cold winds in January & February & I shall be wondering so much
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about you & hoping you are warmly clad & fed to withstand the cold. Well love the days are just passing away & it is fifteen months since I waved goodbye to you at London Road & we are wondering all the time how long it may be before we can welcome you home again. There’s no need for me to tell you what the separation means to me & just to try to give myself a little comfort & reassurance I think that the long separation would have been the same if you have been able to make the projected trip to Venezuela (though under vastly different conditions). I often wonder how much news you have received from me. Did you get the letters telling that Joan Lander was married on July 5th Dorothy Pell August 12th, Don Chadwick some time in September (I forget the date?) Dorothy is now living in London – her husband is Sub-Lieutenant - & expecting leave this month & they would probably come out here to see us. Mrs Clayton asked us to go to her home for this weekend to meet John who expected leave but I could not see that being a successful weekend & thought it better to refuse the invitation. Poor John wouldn’t want to spend his leisure trying to entertain old folks I’m sure. I’ve told you in a previous letter that he has taken Marian Pell home to tea twice since Dorothy was married & I imagine she received a more gracious reception than her sister. Now love you may get my letters about Christmas time so with all our loving thoughts & wishes for you from Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie
Nord Afrique



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