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Eight weeks since last letter and getting anxious. Sent cable with pre-paid reply last Saturday. Mentions activity round North Africa and hopes they will soon get good news. Writes of visit to library and getting out book about Laghouat which she…

Needs to get letter off in hope it will arrive by Christmas. Wishes him best Christmas greetings under his trying circumstances. Hopes he will be home next Christmas. Wonders what he will think of Nelson and their house. Catches up with news and…

Seven weeks since last letters but blessing that they have been able to exchange cables. Writes of armistice day thoughts, how much they miss him and know how weary he must be of the inactivity of life in internment. Mentions father's activities and…

Six weeks since last letter but glad we still have cable. Comments on content of last letter. Explains repetition but not sure which letters if any get through. Reminisces and comments on weather. Writes of activities and catches up with news of…

Writes of daughter Frances teething and thanks him for phone call. Mentions she will be coming on 1st January and she will let him know train times. Asks that he does not do anything risky and wishes him merry Christmas and happy new year.
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