Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Still waiting for next letter, two weeks since the last. Longing for time when they are together again. mentions getting a lot of lovely letters at Christmas and describes some passing on news. Writes she has not yet sent off any parcels to him as she is not sure what to send. Not allowed to send food or cigarettes but only chocolate which is impossible to get in England.




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10 Moorside Rd.
Salford 7
Sunday. Dec. 29th 1940
My dear Douglas.
I am counting the days again now for your next letter, as it is nearly 2 weeks since the last one came & it is such a joy to me to have new of you. Christmas festival is over once again & we all look forward to the New Year with hopes & faith. How I do wish I [inserted] could [/inserted] tell you what is in my heart, but you do understand, don’t you, love, just how I am living for the day of joyous reunion & it is with feeling of deepest thankfulness that we [inserted] can & [/inserted] do look forward. I had a lot of lovely letters at Xmas including one from Mrs Bell at Penyffordd & one from Acacia who is now at Warrington. She tells me she is to be married on Feb. 15th to her former chief at Wrexham, so I gather that she has been working, from patriotic motives, instead of at the lovely little place with which we always associate her. I intend to ask her to come out to see us as soon as it can be arranged, but with very unusual conditions it is not just easy
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to make plans. I had such a nice letter from Auntie Una yesterday. She says they often think & talk of you & last week she thought she would like to change places with you as it was very cold here & you know she’s not very fond of winter time. I also had a grand letter from Mrs Baggaley at Langford. She was expecting Mr & Mrs Denver for Christmas. Isn’t it grand to hear their names again. They bring such lovely memories to me & I hope they do to you too. I have not yet sent off any parcels to you as I am at a loss what to send. You will probably know that we cannot send you food or cigarettes & only slab chocolate which is almost unobtainable. So I do hope you are not needing anything specially. You know love I’m trying to write to you while the wireless is blazing out Hi Gang! for the benefit of our young guest. Dad is stoical! You can imagine how he feels about it! I have just written to Auntie Maud Calvert. She seems to be looking forward to going to Mollie on Jan. 10.
All love from Mother & Dad.
755052 J. D. Hudson (Sgt. Chef.)
Camp de Sejour Surfeille
S/courert Commandant D’armes
El Kef.
Nord Afrique.



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