Letter to Arthur Pritchard's Father



Letter to Arthur Pritchard's Father


A letter to Arthur's father explaining that his son is missing in action.



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97 (Straits Settlements) Squadron,
Royal Air Force,
10th June, 1944.

Dear Mr. Pritchard,

It is with deep regret that I must confirm that your son, Sergeant A. Pritchard, failed to return from operations this morning, the 10th June, 1944, and I wish to express the great sympathy which the Squadron feel with you during the anxious time which must pas before any news comes through.

Your son was taking part in an operation against a military target near Etemps, France, the Flight Engineer of the aircraft. No news has been received since the crew left base last night; we can only hope that they had the chance to bale out and are safe, even as prisoners of war.

Sergeant Pritchard had only been serving with this Squadron for a sort while, but during that period he was able to operate with us on the opening of the Second Front. He had operated with another Squadron prior to coming here, and had taken part in fifteen sorties, many of which were against major objectives in Germany. On this occasion he was working with his usual crew. Your son was keen and capable as a flight engineer, and he and his crew will be a great loss to the Squadron; we shall all miss them very much.

It is desired to explain that the request in the telegram notifying you of the casualty was included with the object of avoiding your son's chance of escape being prejudiced by undue publicity in case he is still at large. This is not to say that any information about him is available, but is a precaution adopted in the case of all personnel reported missing.

His kit and personal effects are being carefully collected and will be sent to the R.A.F. Central Depository, Colnbrook, Slough, from whom you will hear in due course.

If any news is received you will be communicated with immediately, and in the meantime I join with you in hoping that we shall soon hear favourable news of your son and the remainder of the crew.

Yours sincerely,


Squadron Leader, Commanding,
No. 97 (Straits Settlements)
[underlined] Squadron, R.A.F. CONINGSBY. [/underlined]

Mr. A. Pritchard,
10, Rhyd Fenai,
N. Wales.



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