Letter to Douglas Hudson



Letter to Douglas Hudson


From W A Clayton writes that he is in their thoughts and that has little news as does not get out much and is concerned about what writing about things they should not. Sends Christmas greetings and hopes he will get home soon. Hopes he is fit and time is occupied and that there will be better times in future.




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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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Prisoners of War Camp
Air Mail
[ink stamp]
[postage stamps]
Sgt. J.D. Hudson
Interned British Airman
Camp Militaire
[deleted] Aumale [/deleted] Laghouat
Afrique - Du – Nord
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Mrs M .A Clayton
13 rectory Road
30 - 12 – 41
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They are which is a good thing. It certainly is a lovely spot & beautiful garden, also [underlined] nice people [/underlined]. Much love to you dear, & the best of luck to you
13 Rectory Road
Nov. 23 /41
My Dear Douglas
You will think I do not write too often, but my dear you are always in our thoughts, every day, & we are wishing you the best that you can get, again, I don’t get about & so never have any news for you & [indecipherable word] also rather afraid of saying something I ought not to. I don’t know how long this letter will take, but will you accept our love & kindest wishes for Christmas & we hope you will have as happy a time as possible under the circumstances. Perhaps you won’t be long before you can come home & what a day that will be!!! It will pay for a good deal that has gone before. John was home last week & we were talking of you. He wants me to ask if you are getting his letters, as he has not heard from you at all. He knows of course, that you are allowed only one letter in so long, but wishes he had a line from you sometime. I suppose you could not enclose all in your mothers’ letter, that we could forward. Please don’t think of writing to me. I quite understand how dear & precious they are, & I get your news from mother. How are you? I do hope very fit – that your time is so occupied that it goes very quickly. They are kind to you there? I trust your time is made up of mixed work & play because that will content you most. John is still a fixture, but not having too happy a time right now. He & another boy have bought an old bike, to help them to get about it & it saves railway [indecipherable word] when he comes home & [underlined] how [/underlined] it makes me think of those happy days when we used to see you off with all your bundles for a holiday. I am always hoping those days will come again soon & that neither of you, will be much altered. I expected your mother & dad to spend the weekend with us last Sat, because John was home, but your mother postponed it. We were so disappointed, & so was John. I had told him they were coming. They seem very well, both of them, which I am sure you will be glad to know but I wish they were back here. I [underlined] do [/underlined] miss them so much, but they love being where



W A Clayton, “Letter to Douglas Hudson,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 2, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/22453.

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