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Reports arrival of latest mail and glad to hear that eight of his letters have arrived which would let them know a little of conditions at Laghouat. Mentions he is now smoking a pipe but there is a lack of tobacco. Writes of difficult supply…

Reports arrival of latest cable and his reply which was delayed due to address problem with the French. Glad that a lot of his letters to them have finally arrives after 8 weeks in transit. Hopes mail situation will improve now and they will be able…

Writes he has had no news from them for three weeks and mentions he is writing letter as well. Comments on how he hopes they are doing and about the current weather. Asks to be remembered to all especially one correspondent who has sent him many…

Writes he has not received any mail since his last letter and reiterates that airmail is best. Hopes she is settling down to new home and commiserates over family issue. Comments on recent weather and says he has no news.

From W A Clayton apologising for not writing and giving reasons. Hopes he is well and getting some enjoyment from life and that he will be home soon. Catches up with news about someone in the air force and other news of family and acquaintances.

From W A Clayton writes that he is in their thoughts and that has little news as does not get out much and is concerned about what writing about things they should not. Sends Christmas greetings and hopes he will get home soon. Hopes he is fit and…

Dated diary of events from 16 July 1942 until 29 July 1942. Covers daily activities including, news of family and friends, shopping, cinema and work.

From aunt Dorothy writes that she is delighted to know he is safe and well and recounts her activities over Christmas. Speculates about fruit in his location and compares it to prices at home. Hopes he will be released soon.

Notes that mail is getting slower as war draws top climax but hopes photographs she sent will arrive. Describes lodgers baby and recent activities including intention to take up learning Russian again. Continues with description of daily routine and…

Writes of returning home after holiday in Devon and meeting Americans on journey. Catches up with news of family and friends from letters received while she was away, Continues with activities to get new house organised including planting of news…

Reports on her visit to estate agents and house hunting activities. Mentions many possibilities of renting or buying and costs of various options including in and out of London and possibly a farm.

Describes photographs of Christmas celebrations she is sending and mentions suit she is making suit for daughter Frances. Continues with description of wedding anniversary present her sister has chosen from him and writes of her other activities,…

Starts with requests about his crew and other discussion of gallantry award for his pilot. Continues with news of daily activities of friends and family. Mentions trying to get a doll's pram for daughter and a tells of her wearing a new costume as…

Writes about sending him socks and other items as well as about the activities of daughter Frances. Mentions she has been appointed fire-fighting group leader and been asked to do some secretarial work. Continues writing of fruit bottling, jam making…

Bill writes that he is looking forward to coming home on leave in a week's time. All the parades have paid off since they have been given some extra leave. Before then have a whole week of exams. Trying to find out about the trains, but will have…

A detailed letter from Bill to his family, explaining life and events in the RAF Camp.

Includes orderly room administration duties, being captain of squadron running team, being issued with flying kit (which he details), exams, his visit to an…

Last letter before leaving West Freugh. Writes about potential choice next courses as navigator or bomb aimer. Chooses navigator course at Upper Heyford. Considered navigator as harder job. Catches up with news and writes in pencil at the end that he…

Writes of importance of getting their letters, especially in a new place and catches up with news. Describes journey to Theale and new location. Writes about his how his flying training is going as well as time in a link trainer and how poor the…

Letter to his daughter in which he asks if she is getting on well at school and explains why he has to go back to work. On the reverse 'Janet'.


A letter to his daughter with comments about Christmas. On the reverse 'Janet'.

Diary of Dennis Batty 20 May 1940 to 27 June 1941 listing his operations over France and Germany in Blenheims and listing aircrew lost.

The letter asks that Fred makes a return visit to his house.


Writes about how time at school is very busy and about playing hockey. Continues about school activities and ask mother to order a book for her. States she is settled and happy and sends regards to family.


Sends congratulations to her husband for his recent honour. Mentions listening to Roy Chadwick's broadcast. Asks after family. States they stayed in London for Blitz but sent children up north for a few months. Enquires after other acquaintances.

Propaganda leaflet by British fascist John Amery aimed at the British population and arguing that the sacrifices of the Allies have served only the interests of 'Stalin and the Jews'.
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