Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine



Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine


Chastises him over his comments on her letter writing and thanks him for sending her sister a birthday card and a photograph of a Hampden. Continues with other gossip and asks whether she will travel to meet him this weekend.



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Four page handwritten letter


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Thursday 20.11.41
Darling Johnnie,
Thanks for your Tuesday letter. I’m sorry you didn’t receive one from me, I posted each day, even when I had to go out specially in the rain to catch the post. Don’t talk rot about my being “too busy to spare you a minute”. You know I always make time, however hectic the rush of work. It was nice of you to send Barbara a card, it’s a jolly good photo
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of the Hampden. She didn’t receive an awful lot, but we wrapped them all up separately & tried to make them look a lot. She’s very pleased with the cigarette case anyway.
It is amazing that Cox & Norman should be so nearly finished, but I can hardly imagine that you will be there till March, tho’ naturally I’m not in any hurry.
You say you may go over to PM on Saturday – Sunday. Are you wanting me to go as well? Because I’m
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waiting for you to do something about it, if so. I’ve arranged things this end so that I can go if you’ll fix it up with your people. But perhaps your leave is too uncertain to make it worth while for me, tho’ I’d quite enjoy it even without you. You won’t receive this till Friday presumable, but you could telephone your people and/or me, if you want to do anything about it.
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Frances is urging me to go to town as soon as poss, so I’d better close down.
Lots of love
[underlined] P.S [/underlined]
Pity marriage didn’t do the same for you as for Dill – I’d quite like to be the wife of the Governor of Bengal!




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