Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine



Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine


Writes that she is ashamed of her previous letter about the disappointment of him not getting a commission. Sending cigarettes to make up for being selfish. Says she will not write to Sir Charles Portal or the King about his commission.



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Two page handwritten letter


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[underlined] No 15 [/underlined]
Saturday 30th Aug
My darling Johnnie,
I’m feeling very much ashamed already of the letter I wrote you this morning on the receipt of the disappointing news about the commission. It was selfish of me, & certainly did nothing to cheer you up, and I’m very sorry. I’m sending some cigarettes herewith in the hope that you can drown your sorrow in smoke. Also a photo of the Howies, another good one. Mrs Howie also sent me the negatives of all those photos of us two, which was very decent of her. When you return this one I’ll
[page break]
stick it into the album.
I was evolving all sorts of hair-brained schemes for writing to Sir Charles Portal, or the King or someone to get you a commission until I remember K.R’s we learnt at Aberystwyth threatening blood & thunder to anyone who did that sort of thing!
Anyway I don’t care whether you’re AC2 or Air Vice Marshal so long as you come home safely to me in the end!
All my love to you, darling one. It shouldn’t be so very long now until we are in each others arms again, even if only for a short while.
Yours for ever
[underlined] Ursula [/underlined]




Ursula Valentine, “Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 26, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/19620.

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