Letter to Hedley Madgett's mother from Alice Robb



Letter to Hedley Madgett's mother from Alice Robb


Thnks her for recent letter. Regrets that the Madgetts are going through the same thing a she has just done but hopes it will have a happy ending. Relates her experience with her son reported missing while others in his crew were reported killed. She has heard that other crew members have turned up after some time.




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Dear Mrs Madgett,
Thank you for your letter received on 27th. It was with regret we read of you experiencing such an anxious period as we have just passed through but trust it will have as happy an ending. It is certainly the most wonderful news for parents to receive just when doubts has arisen.
Our boy was not in the same raid as your boy, as he was reported missing 30th – 31st Aug., over the Rhineland. We feel very fortunate as 4 of his crew were presumed killed
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at 3 months, at least, think it must have been more definite news as one poor mother was notified her son was buried in Holland, we have not heard about the others. We can and do feel very much for the parents, however 3 of the crew are alive. We advise you to have every hope as apparently all sorts of things happen there these days & boys are turning up after indefinite periods, in fact when we notified the Air Ministry we had heard, the official informed us 1 boy actually turned up after 18 months, he had not been able to get a word through. They must have an official time for presuming
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As there would be such chaos otherwise, it does not prove that there is no hope, although one tends to think so at the time. We think you have every chance of hearing good news in the near future. We certainly hope so & should be very pleased to hear from you to that effect. When it comes it will seem like a dream, and no doubt take a time to realise. Once more thanking you for writing.
Alice Robb.


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