Letter to Hedley Madgett's parents from his brother Peter



Letter to Hedley Madgett's parents from his brother Peter


Sorry to hear bad news about Hedley. Bad luck coming down on his last operation. Talks of joining the Royal Air Force. Catches up with news of leave and friends. Mentions that German radio had reported Lincoln was flattened but he had heard nothing. Catches up with family news.




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Four page handwritten letter


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77 Richmond Rd.

Dear Mum and Dad,
Thanks for the two letters received in the last week.
I’m extremely sorry to hear the bad news about Hedley and only hope he’s OK and a prisoner.
It seems such hard luck coming down on his last op, but knowing him, he’s sure to be alright. When I first read the news, I decided to get into the R.A.F., but on second thoughts I’ll do that if anything has happened to him – just by way of getting a bit of my own back.
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By the way, I wont be home for four weeks as I said – I got the dates mixed up. It’ll only be a week – Sep. 17 to Sep. 27.
Had a letter from Nell last week – not much news – and I suppose I’ll have to reply soon.
The German wireless said that Lincoln had been flattened in that raid you mentioned last week but in fact, we only heard one plane, no bombs and no guns, so you can see what twisters they are.
Thanks very much for the second lot of apples and peas, only one of
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which was bad, and thanks also for the chocolate.
I am enclosing the insurance form for the motor bike, and as you say, I wont be insuring it any more, - well, for a good while anyway.
Well, I think that’s all for now so I’ll bid adieu,
P.S. Tell Mum to cheer up – he’ll be okay.


P Madgett, “Letter to Hedley Madgett's parents from his brother Peter,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18715.

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