Decoration for Local Airman, Three Airmen and a wrecked Lancaster



Decoration for Local Airman, Three Airmen and a wrecked Lancaster


Item 1 is a newspaper cutting noting that Clifford Watson has been awarded a DFC and giving various details of his life history and family.
Photo 2 is three airmen standing at a door, annotated '227 Sqdn. W/Op - Nav - Mid-Upper'. Illustration list gives 'Start of Second Tour - Frank Eaglestone, Ted Foster & Pete Foolkes'.
Photo 3 is the wreck of Lancaster 9J-O. Illustration list gives 'More of 9J-O'.

Spatial Coverage



One newspaper cutting and two b/w photographs all on album page


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Decoration for Local Airman
A native of Barnoldswick, Flying Officer Clifford Watson, whose mother lives at 7 Ings Avenue, Barnoldswick, has been awarded the D.F.C. The citation states that he has completed a number of operations against the enemy in the course of which he has invariably displayed fortitude, courage and devotion to duty.
A member of 227 Squadron, Flying Officer Watson was at Gisburn Road Council School before he left Barnoldswick and he continued his education at Norwich Technical College and Anthank College, Norwich. From Norwich the family moved to London where they lived until the blitz. Then Flying Officer Watson’s mother returned to Barnoldswick. His father, Mr. C. W. Watson, who has recently been discharged, was a Captain in the Army. Flying Officer Watson’s wife and son now live at Whitehaven.
Flying Officer Watson was living in London when he joined the R.A.F. in 1941 at the age of 18 1/2. He was trained in Southern Rhodesia and commissioned in October, 194. [sic] He is entitled to the Africa Star.
[black and white photograph of three airmen in uniform standing in a doorway]
[black and white photograph of a crashed aircraft]


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