Letter from Billy Akrill to his father



Letter from Billy Akrill to his father


Lists recently sold calves, prices and the names of their new owners. Comments on the sales process and about taking the pigs to market, includes amounts made from their sale also. Includes drawings of the cow auction and market.




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Two page handwritten illustrated letter


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Potter Hill Farm,
Newark. Notts.
22 May 1935.
Dear Daddy
Calves have been sold. Result:- Top Nancy £15..10s (+ £1..17s 6d)
Walter Wells £12 ..15s
B. Renshaw £10 .. 15s
F. Cook £10 .. 0s.
Bernard Wells £7 .. 10s
J. Hemsal £6 .. 10s.
Average £10 .. 10s
Morris Sheldon bought Nancy. He’s keeping her ‘till Christmas. The Co’op Butcher wanted her too. Harry took her round. Crowds of folks came to look at her & asked if she had to go through the auction. We had her graded (M Sheldon paid). Substiby [sic] £1 .. 17s 6d. Total price £17 .. 7s .. 6d. Mrs Fitz Herbert asked me how much I thought she’d make I told her Harry said £15. She said if she made £12 I should do well. Charlie Bird charged 14/- for the 6. Harry & a lot more rode in with calves
About messed up when they came out. Of course Nancy was.
Mary & I took the 7 pigs. They made 26/6 each. £9.5s 6d altogether I think we had a good (& certainly busy) day Harry drew £26 .. 1s .. 6d. Newark [underlined] very [/underlined] busy.
Battles have just brought 10 buckets & 1 drum of sheep dip
Got 14 more gibs (so far) that makes 51. The biggest are beauties. [drawing of a bird]
[deleted] [indecipherable sentence] [/deleted]
Well I’ll feed the gibs etc.
Toodle oo
[underlined] Billy [/underlined]
[drawings of farm animals, people and vans]


Billy Akrill, “Letter from Billy Akrill to his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 7, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18158.

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