Letter from Bill Akrill to his mother



Letter from Bill Akrill to his mother


Bill writes about possible leave - keeps changing. Now on 2-3 hr shifts on the gun post, but also have to get there quickly if there is an air raid warning. Says no air raids recently but saw Me 109 at high level and resulting anti aircraft fire.

Still have not been able to get back into Imperial Hotel, but have found a room in another hotel with two others, although they still have not got their kit. Noted recent newspaper article where Eastbourne was included in a list of shattered towns of Europe.

Food much better now since gun crews get special meals at different times and as much as they like.

PS He has heard that he is to be posted to West Freugh near Stranraer in Scotland. Very disappointed not to get an overseas posting. Friend Derry not going with him.




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No 1436220 L.A.C. Akrill,
2 Flight “D” Squadron,
1. E.A.O.S., R.A.F.,
Tuesday night. 12.5.42.
Dearest mum,
Thanks a lot for letter, envelopes & paper. On duty tonight. Thought I’d get this written now to say that I shall not be getting 48 next week-end but we have been [underlined] promised [/underlined] one the week-end after Whit. So if you haven’t already done so don’t send the £1. I [underlined] will [/underlined] be glad of a break. Its going to get tiring day after day We now do [deleted] 4 [/deleted] 2, 3 hour shifts a day but have to keep dashing off to the post for warnings any time between 5. am. & 11. p.m. so we don’t get much of a break at all. Not been any actual bombing here lately – there have been some rainy days. Some Messerschmitts came over at about 25,000 ft the other night & for about half an hour made pretty patterns in the sky with condensation trails but nothing happened. Some very distant ack-ack sent up a few puffs of white smoke to make the sight prettier.
We’ve not been allowed in the Imperial yet but the 3 of us managed to find beds in an empty room of the other hotel. Still not got our kit. Don’t thing [sic] there can be a bomb there – it would have been very difficult to get 2 together.
[page break]
In an article in a Sunday paper Eastb. was included with Warsaw, Rotterdam, Belgrade, Bath, Coventry &c as the “shattered towns of Europe”! It certainly has been shattered in spiteful attacks.
What an excitement you must have had when the greenhouse caught fire. Lucky you saw it! Glad you’ve had some rain. We’ve had some lovely ones. It was glorious on the roof the morning after the first at 5. a.m. I’d like to see Harry’s chicks. You’ll be in a fix without the wireless.
Also had letters from Miss Mary & Dave yesterday. Glad of something to read now.
Better tell you that the food situation is much better. The gun crews can get special meals at different times and we get [deleted] wha [/deleted] as much as we like. So am not doing so bad. Enjoying chance of fresh air. Don’t think Jerry will bother us much more. He’s too busy if he’s going to start in the East. On his knees I think. Doubt if I’ll be in time to do my bit. Of course there are still the Japs.
Must get on the roof,
Love to all
[underlined] Bill. [/underlined]
[page break]
[underlined] P.S [/underlined] Am on a posting. You will no doubt rejoice to hear that the first home-posting for months has come through & I’m on it. [underlined] Very [/underlined] disappointed I can’t go overseas but it’s very much best for training in the Country. Going to another distant spot – Scotland to a place – West Frugh [sic] near Stranraer on the West Coast not far from Irish Coast. If you see Dave tell him its attatched [sic] to a Fleet Air Arm Station & is an O.T.U. Write as soon as I get there.
Go sometime tommorrow Denny is not going with me. What a shame having to part from a grand friend like that. The best I’ve ever known in the Raf.
[page break]
Mrs. Akrill
Potter Hill Farm,
N. Collingham,
[underlined] Notts [/underlined]



William Akrill, “Letter from Bill Akrill to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 5, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18029.

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