Letter from Bill Akrill to Mary, his mother and all



Letter from Bill Akrill to Mary, his mother and all


Bill still does not know what is happening to him. Weather has been terrible for flying but he had to go up with the Commanding Officer and it went badly (page missing from letter, so no end to story).

Complains again about the lack of food and discusses local people who have been hospitable and catches up with home news.




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Three page handwritten letter [at least one page missing]


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Friday 30 Jan ‘42
No 1436220 LAC Akrill,
No 26 EFTS.
Reading, Berks
Dear Mary Mum & All,
Very pleased to get your letters yesterday. Sorry I didn’t write before but I was so uncertain about what was happening that I didn’t know what to tell you. Still not sure what’s happening to me but I went up with the C.O. one day & he seemed quite pleased so I suppose the few who are left may be going with the new Grading Course here. I’ve not been passed for solo yet but I hope that I shall be soon though of course the weather’s so uncertain for first solos.
When the weather broke I hadn’t flown for over a week except for a few minutes with Peachey (one of the instrs) when one morning early I learned that the [underlined] C. O. [/underlined] was waiting for me. He’d taken George up the morning before & suspended him so I should have felt a bit scared. Anyway I rushed off & jumped in & away we went. I’ve never known worse weather. There was a terrible blizzardy gale blowing from all directions & the little plane was buffeted & bumped & felt as if she’d capsise [sic] any minute. So you can guess I had a terrible time with one thing
[page break]
missing page
[page break]
rather - they seemed to consist mainly of schoolmisseses [sic] but Mrs & Miss Wray made me feel very much at home. Its fine to know that there’s somewhere like that where you know that you’r [sic] very welcome at any-time. I think they also have a corporal from a drome on the other side of Reading who they provide an open house for. Miss Wray has some grand books. No, I’ve not heard from Miss Moakes about her nephew. Its my day off tomorrow so I expect I’ll go into Reading have a look round & go to the pictures & then call on Mrs. Wray. Also have some good feeds, which is one of the main interests in going out.
Gee I could do with a bit of pig cheer if you could manage it. It makes my mouth water to write it down. I’ve never known what it is to be hungry before. If it wasn’t for the dry bread & scrape I manage to pinch during break I don’t know how I’d live. [deleted] The [/deleted] It really is a disgrace the food they put before us – amount & quality & it’s a criminal offence to ask for more or complain. Ah well I seem to thrive on it anyway.
So the ceiling’s given way at last! Perhaps the Curtis Estate will consider doing something about it now. Hope Mr. Henry wasn’t in bed when it happened
[page break]
Sorry Ros hasn’t been feeling very grand. Hope she’s better by now.
Am sending Group photo. Hope the grin pleases you better.
I’ll be looking out for the pig!
Love to all
[underlined] Bill [/underlined]



William Akrill, “Letter from Bill Akrill to Mary, his mother and all,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 27, 2021, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18007.

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