Bombing and people



Bombing and people


Five photographs from an album page. From top left to bottom right:
1. A target photograph showing open countryside. On the left is a line of bomb craters in fields. Roads are also visible here as is a railway line. On the right, the ground is obscured by smoke. The photograph is annotated '3B' but there is no caption to identify the target.
2. Photograph of a man wearing cowboy clothes and seated on a horse.
3. Photograph of a man, wearing shoes but no shirt, sitting on the stern of a boat. He is leaning against a flagstaff.
4. Vertical aerial photograph of a small bay and beach showing houses and roads of a coastal town. The upper left corner of the image is obscured.
5. A target photograph showing countryside and towns. Buildings and roads are visible as is a railway line running vertically through the image. Smoke from numerous smoke generators is drifting over the area. There is no caption to indicate the target.



Five b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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