Ludford Magna



Ludford Magna


One colour photograph of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Lancaster when painted as 101 Squadron aircraft SR - D, captioned ' No 101 (ABC) Squadron, Ludford Magna, Nov. '43 - June '44.'
Small b/w copy of 101 Squadron badge.
Lancaster on ground from rear left, squadron letter S, with six aircrew in flying kit.
Six aircrew in flying kit standing in front of Lancaster tail turret, back row captioned 'Dick Keith Charlie', front row captioned 'Joe Ken Les'.
Interior of Nissen hut captioned '"Home" hut 23'.
Flight sergeant standing on step, front of Nissen hut 23 as background captioned 'Dick Bomb Aimer'.
Four aircrew, hut 23 in back ground, captioned 'Ken Pilot Charlie WOP Fred Engineer Les Mid Upper Gnr'.
Individual in bed in front of Nissen huts, captioned 'Joe - Relaxed'.
Air-to-air view of right hand Lancaster mainplane and no 4 engine with Spitfire in formation, captioned 'Spitfire for company'.
Individual in flying clothing in front of Lancaster tail turret, captioned 'Joe - Rear Gunner - dressed for the cold'.

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