Goodwill tour of United States



Goodwill tour of United States


Top left - eight Lancasters parked in pairs on airfield with runway behind them. In the foreground a hangar. To the left three B-17s. Top right - newspaper cutting 'Chosen for U.S. Goodwill tour'. Two local men chosen to take part names as W.O Arthur Pearce and AC1 J B Lumsden. Tour undertaken by 35 Squadron who will visit cites across the United States. Pearce completed 44 operations and was awarded DFM. Middle left - a group of servicemen and civilian men and women at threshold of runway seeing off aircraft. Photograph taken from rear turret. Bottom left - newspaper cutting with head and shoulders portrait of Wing Commander A.J.L. Craig (age 23) who is in command of 35 Squadron. Story of visit to Lowry on the back page. Middle right - air to ground view of city with square grids of streets. Bottom right - air to ground view of airfield with Lancasters, B-29, C-47 and other aircraft. There is also the shadows of aircraft flying overhead in formation.



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Two newspaper cuttings and four b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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Chosen to take part in the R.A.F.’s goodwill mission to the U.S.A., called by the Americans “Project Goodwill,” are two local men – W.O. Arthur Pearse (21), D.F.M., Whitworth House, Falmouth-rd., Elephant and Castle (picture here), and A.C.1. J.B. Lumsden (20), 150, Burbage-rd., Herne Hill. [photograph] Pearce will fly out as the rear gunner of a Lancaster bomber, and Lumsden will accompany the mission, which is being undertaken by the famous No. 35 (Lancaster) squadron, as a member of the ground staff. They will visit cities all over the U.S., and will take part in Air Forces Day on 1st August.
Pearce, who was so keen to join the R.A.F. that he studied at home in preparation, completed 44 operations against the enemy during the war, including a period of service with the Pathfinder Force. He was awarded the D.F.M. in 1943 for his part in the bombing of Hamburg. He was educated at St. Michael’s School, Camberwell. On Saturday, he was best man at his brother’s wedding and announced his engagement to one of the bridesmaids, Miss M. Betts. Lumsden will be paying his second visit to the U.S. He has friends in New York.

Wing Commander A.J.L. Craig, who at the age of 23 is in command of the famed 35th “Pathfinder” Squadron of the Royal Air Force, is shown in a characteristic pose, looking toward the skies. Story of the 35th’s visit to Lowry is on back page.




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