Keith Thompson's diary from July 1943 to January 1944



Keith Thompson's diary from July 1943 to January 1944


Keith Thompson was a sergeant navigator under training at the start of this period at 28 OTU at RAF Castle Donington, then on to a holding unit for a month. After that on to 1662 CU at RAF Blyton flying the Lancaster, until 7 November when he was posted to 101 Squadron at RAF Ludford Magna flying the Lancaster on operations.






Large notebook used as diary


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[Front Cover]
16 JULY 1943
[underlined] to. [/underlined]
8 JANUARY 1944
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[inside front cover]

[symbol] CASTLE D.9.
WYMESWOLD [/symbol] to 20/8/43.
BOSTON PARK to 18/9/43
BLYTON 1662 CON. UNIT to 7/11/43
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[inserted] [underlined] JULY [/inserted] [/underlined] [underlined] CASTLE DONINGTON [/underlined]
[underlined] FRI 16/43. [/underlined]
Porr; bacon & fried bread X. [one indecipherable word]!!! But NO CHUTES & NO KITE. Took several sun shots & did a bit of [two indecipherable words]. Soup; beef, spuds, cab & beans; rhubarb & cust. Bombing trip!!! Took more sun shots. Went into Hanwell [indecipherable word with Charlie. Went to Dispersal then came back & had tea. Cold meat and fritters, marmalade & tea. Returned to Dispersal. KITEE [underlined] U.S.[/underlined]!!!! Spuds & minced liver; 1/3 pint& cocoa. {underlined] NO MAIL [/underlined]. [underlined] Letter to Dad[/underlined]. Started one to Ma.
[page break]
[inserted] JULY 17. [/inserted]
[underlined] SAT. 43 [/underlined]. Kellogs [sic]; bacon & fried bread. Think grand mist lifting slowly. Briefed AGAIN for route 10. Got net gen. [underlined] Letter from Ma [/underlined]. Soup; beef’ spuds, cab, peas; rice pud. Set out about 14.30. 2 x 250 lb. bombs & air to sea. Tom returned from Kirkbride. Got back about 21.30. Sos [sic] & York pud (?) tea. Bed about 23.59
[underlined] JULY 18. [/underlined]
[underlined] SUN. 43 [/underlined]. Kellogs; egg on fried bread; tea. DR trainer (field). Soup; beef, spuds, cab & peas. Bread pud. Looked over log. A/C recco. Signed log
[page break]
after going over it with P/O Simpson. Scram, veg salad; tea; cake & jam. Wrote letter to Ma.
Lecture log C.O on food & mess situation. [underlined] Posted letter to Ma in C.D. [/underlined]. [one undecipherable word] & cocoa for supper. [underlined] biscuits & one undecipherable word]. Had one in rear turret. Not bad. [/underlined]. Toast in billet! Bed about 3-0 am.
[underlined] July 19 [/underlined]
[underlined] MON 43 [/underlined]. Up at 12-0 pm. Letter from Ma. Pea soup; minced meat spuds, cauliflower and beans; lemon tart & cust. Tried to change shoes but they
[page break]
hadn’t size required, sewed buttons on & shortened belt for 2nd tunic. Slept. Tommy & crew bailed out. BA & WOP missing. Corned beef &chips; jam, tea. Standing by for night lap. Did two circuits, cloud closing down. Joe not feeling too well so [one undecipherable word] rode in rear turret. [underlined] Letter to Ma [/underlined]
[underlined] JULY 20 [/underlined]
[underlined] TUES. 43 [/underlined]. Up at 12.30. soup; cold mutton, spuds, salad, trifle (?) Cleared my closet up. [underlined] Letter to Violet [/underlined] [underlined] Wrote & posted one to Norah. [/underlined] Pilchards on toast, cake, jam. Flying,
{page break]
washed, shaved & changed & in taxi in 20 to 25 mins. 4/- taxi 1/- coffee. 3/- dance. 3/- beers. 4/- taxi. Hilda & Hilda. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] JULY 21. [/underlined]
[underlined] WED. 43. [/underlined] Up at 8-5. [one indecipherable] word & “dogs”. NAVI. Line shoot as per usual. [underlined] Letter from Mary [/underlined]. Soup; beef, spuds, beans; tart & cust. Collected Reg. Parcel unpacked it & took out clean laundry. Booked out. Got to Loughboro [sic] in 1/2 hr. train at 3-0. 7/4 & 2/2d 4d extra to [one undecipherable word] DW, 5-15. Went to Joe Ross with Ma. Pa & PoP. walked home went on trackless. Had bath 2.0am
[page break]
[underlined] JULY 22 [/underlined]
[underlined] THURS. 43. [/underlined] Didn’t wake till 12.15. went to O & D about 2-0 PM. Managed to get Dad eventually. Got [one indecipherable word] for bike. Returned home & got busy stripping bike, got crank & pedals back also changed tyres & put back wheel in before I packed up. [deleted] Had bath about [/deleted]
[underlined] JULY 23 [/underlined]
[underlined] FRI. 43 [/underlined]. Up at 10-0. Finished bike. Went into town & got 2 bulbs & lamp bracket (1/6d & 1/5d.) Walked into town with Ma, PoP. 2/10d for [undecipherable word], called in office saw Lt Edgar. (Grumpy.) Went to stn [station] about trains(s)
[page break]
[Inserted] Walked up to NFS with Elsie [/inserted]
Traped down to baths to see when they close. We all walked down but café closed. So Dennis and I went in. Had about 1/2 or 3/4 hr. Went down to “West End” & had ½ pint. Walked back. [underlined] Took Elsie’s B.D card to General [/underlined] supper with Dad & Dennis. Bed 12-30 (00.30 hrs)
[underlined] JULY 24 [/underlined] [underlined] ELSIE’S B.D. [/underlined]
[underlined] SAT. 43. [/underlined] Up at 7-45. Packed walked as far as Co-op. Ma, Pa & Pop went up on trackless. 4 deep on station. Rode into Chesterfield in Gds [Guards] Van & just managed to get bike & self in train at Chesterfield. Am at Derby at 11-0. Got to Castle D. at 12. after traveling 12 miles. Soup; meat pie, spuds & beans & a sweet. Made more columns in “Signing on book”. Pilchards on toast; jam & cake; tea. Flight washed about 10 or 11. Took 8 star shots & made up flying times. Bed about 1-0 AM after supper of meat pie, spuds & cocoa.
[underlined] JULY 25 [/underlined]
[underlined] SUN. 43. [/underlined] SP’a checked on £1 note. Egg on toast & Kellogs, worked star shots out. Church Parade. Soup, mutton, mash spuds & butter, [underlined] fresh [/underlined] green peas; rice pud. Lecture on loading of A/C. Plotter
[page break]
& entered [one indecipherable word]. Spam & salad with eggs; jam & tea. Whist Drive and Dance in Mess. We on NIGHT FLIGHT/ first kite U/S & second U/S. Cheese & spuds
[underlined] JULY 26 [/underlined]
[underlined] MON.43. [/underlined] Up at 12.30. Soup; minced beef, spuds & beans; lemon tart. Air test. [indecipherable word] U/S. [underlined] Letter from MA. [/underlined] Welsh rarebit, jam & tea. Bombed Baggots Pike & Ragdale till 10.0 PM. Then on C&L’s with Casper’s crew. Cheese & spuds & Cocoa. Waited 2 hrs for Ken. Went up for 1 hrs. Radio U/S Down at 4.0. More Cheese & Spuds & coffee. Bed.
[page break]
At 6-0 AM.
[underlined] JULY 27 [/underlined]
[double underlined] TUES. 43 [/underlined] Up at 1-15. Soup; {double underlined] minced [/underlined] meat, spuds & BEANS; plum pud. [indecipherable word] tried to get £ S D. Gave cycle frame number & type into SWO.
CAN’T GO INTO LOUGHBORO but have Nowt to Do. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[double underlined] BEANS [/underlined] on toast; cake; no jam. [underlined] Letter from Elsie & Violet [/underlined] Rations (choc & fags) glass ginger beer. Reading novel. Pilchards; tea. In [indecipherable word] mess. More reading 1/2pt beer & cider. Flying washed.
[page break]
[underlined] JULY 28 [/underlined]
[underlined] WED. 43. Up at 8.0am [/underlined] Porr & [indecipherable word] for bfast. [breakfast] Lecture on [two indecipherable words] etc. [one indecipherable word] [underlined] Letter from no one. [/underlined]. Soup; rotten meat, spuds & [underlined] BEANS [/underlined]; 10 sun shots. Cycled into Lough [Loughborough]; after missing bus. 1/9d picture “Count of Monte Cristo”. Welsh rarebit, lettuce [one indecipherable word] lemonade; at O>D church. 1 pint beer & cider. Finished book [indecipherable word] [underlined] Letter to Marg. [/underlined] Booze up in Sgts Mess. Had another 1/2 pint cider. Eventually went flying.
[underlined] JULY 29 [/underlined]
[underlined] Thurs. 43. [/underlined] 2-0 AM to 5-0 AM flying. [underlined] Wrote to Elsie
[page break]
& Violet “upstairs” [/underlined] Bacon & EGG!! Tea. Bed about 6-0 AM. Up at 1-15 PM. Soup; liver, spuds & Cab; rice pud. Tried to get paid no go. NO MAIL. Worked out & [one indecipherable word] 10 sun shots also mucked about with [one indecipherable word] (U/S) Fish & chips; cake & jam; tea. [underlined] Letter to David R [/underlined] 1/2 pt. cyder[sic]
[underlined] JULY 30 [/underlined]
[underlined] Fri. 43. [/underlined] flew from 2.00 till 5.00. Brake pressure. [double underlined] Egg [/underlined] on toast. Bed at 7-0. Up at 1-0 PM soup; beef, spuds, cabbage; rhubarb WITHOUT SUGAR. Tried to get paid again. Went in decompression
[page break]
chamber to 30,000 ft. [double underlined] Letter from Ma [/underlined] Cheese [one indecipherable word] cake, jam, & tea. Mode flight plan out & got results put on chart. Took off at 11.20. Radar on U/S. Most of pundits not on flimsy. Went round [sic] on flight plan got back at 2-30 AM.
[underlined] JULY 31 [/underlined]
[underlined] SAT. 43 [/underlined]
Bed at 4-15 after sos & egg, cocoa & coffee; bfast. Up at 12.15 PM. Soup; beef, spuds, cab; sponge (?) pud. Checked over log. Made chart up ready for tonight. Salmon; jam; tea. Flight washed at 10.30 PM. 2 pints.
[page break]
[underlined] BIKE PINCHED FROM MESS. [/underlined] Reported it to guard room. Finished making log book out for end of route.
[underlined] AUG.1st [/underlined] [underlined] BIKE RETND [/underlined]
[underlined] Sun. 43. [/underlined] Up at 8.10. Porr; egg [inserted] [underlined] DMTO [/underlined] [/inserted] on toast; tea. Swept NAV office out. Made log (flying & sight) books up to date. Stripped Browning & reassembled it after reversing the feed. Soup: beef, spuds, cab, apricots & white sauce. Intel. library. [underlined] Letter to Ma [/underlined]. M.U.G. arrived Leslie. Salad, corned beef & a bit of tom. Flight plan & all gen. rations. Started up IFF yelling! Detail cancelled
[page break]
Stew; prunes & peaches; cocoa. [indecipherable word] about 12.30.
[underlined] AUG. 2ND. MON [/underlined]
Over slept. Up at 12.30. soup; minced meat, spuds; rice pud & rhubarb. Tried to change [one indecipherable word]. Sent tom puncture outfit. [underlined] Letter from Violet [/underlined] D.I.? on P (Peter) Looked for 2nd. Mon, table in after [underlined] 2 [/underlined] kites. Had cake & tea from NAAFI. “Simona” rang to see if we’d got route. Cheese [one indecipherable word] & toast, jam & tea. Flight Plan. [underlined] Letter to Violet [/underlined]. Set out 10.45PM. Rations
[underlined] AUG 3rd TUES [/underlined]
Bed about 5.30. up at 1.15
[page break]
Soup; beef, spuds, peas; prunes & apricots stewed. Signed log. Compass swing. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Haircut. Sos; jam; tea. Flight on. Rations. Took off at 22.20.
[underlined] AUG. 4th. Wed. [/underlined]
Landed 04.45. Bacon & egg. Bed 7.0AM. up at 13.20. Soup (pea); beef, spuds & cab (LOUSY!!!!) sponge pud & treacle. Log not marked. I R & Ragdale tonight. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] took front fork out & cleaned it. Fish: jam & cake; tea. 3 bars choc (ration) didn’t get fags. Meat pie & cocoa. RAIN. Flying
[page break]
Scrubbed. Had a short run on bike. (760 mile on the clock) Bought Les, Ken & myself 1/2 a pint. Ken bought packets of crisps.
[underlined] AUG. 5th Thurs. [/underlined]
Porr. & egg on toast; tea. Signed log; astrograph. NAW tables and gen on “Y”. Meat & spud pie; spuds, cab; rice pud & prunes. CGI’s lecture – short and “SWEET” (P Y F O.) Flying times. Met gen (bod) Sat in crew bus talking to driver. Beans on toast; biscuits & jam. [underlined] Letter from Mary & to Ma. [/underlined]
[page break]
[inserted] [underlined] AUG. 6TH Fri. [/underlined] [underlined] £5.10 PAY [/underlined] [/inserted]
Kellogs; bacon & fried bread. A/C recco; PT. [underlined] Letters from Elsie, Doris R & C [/underlined] Soup; spuds beans, cab, beef. Air test (OK.) Sardines on toast eto. NAV Briefing (La Bleche) Shower; changed socks, sos & pie & cocoa. Rain brief 9.30pm Ran around for torch eto. Put another suit on. Off at 23.50. returned Back 3.35.
[underlined] AUG. 7th. Sat [/underlined]
Charlie dug out at 11.0 Got up about 12-12.3. Shower & clean clothes. Soup; minced meat, spuds peas; rhubarb pie
[page break]
Log & mucking about. [underlined] Letter from Ma & Dennis [/underlined] Cheese savoury & toast jam, tea. Rain. Parcelled Laundry. Shep. Pie & tea. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Short cycle run 2 to 3 miles. Bed. 9.30!!!!!!
[underlined] AUG. 8TH. SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 8.30. Porr; egg on toast tea. Air test of “Y”. Went up in rear turret. Charlie WOP. Ken and first F/Lt. Smith capt. A nice ship. Put SBA’s & D/F beacons onto new chart. QC & [one indecipherable word] card in “Y”. spare A/graph bulb U/S. Soup; spuds, cab, beef; prunes & apricots. Nickel cancelled. RAIN. Mucked about
[page break]
with A/graph bulbs & s sat bulbs & batteries. Made night log book up to date, was asked “What are Laurence & Thompson like?” More RAIN, Bags of [one indecipherable word] all own chart. Corned beef & salad; biscuits; jam & tea. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Toast eto. in Billet.
[underlined] AUG. 9TH. MON. [/underlined]
Didn’t have Bfast. Gee Room blanged shave, Soup; spuds, cab & beef; rice pud. [underlined] Letters from MA & Violet [/underlined]. Afternoon off. “San Francisco” Clark Gable & Jeanette Macdonald. Cheese on toast
[page break]
Jam sandwich, cake tea 3/- taxi back. IR & Ragdale. Back at 1-0PM. Bed about 3-0.
[underlined] AUG. 10TH TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 12-00 1-0. Soup; COFFEE spuds, cab, beef; rice pud. Hung around NAV section. Went out to Y. Changed. Sos & fried spuds, jam, biscuits & tea. 3/- taxi. 1pint. 1/9d at Victory George Brent “You don’t escape forever” also “Hi neighbour” 6d chips, 3/- taxi. Tea & biscuits in Chapel canteen. Bed about 12-15 or 12-30.
[underlined] AUG. 11TH. WED> [/underlined]
Up at 7-15 porr, beans
[page break]
& bacon: tea. Crew bus to Loughboro’ [one indecipherable word] for [one indecipherable word] dull. Coffee & toasted tea cake. Bulbs. 2 x 4 volts; 1x8V. 12 drawing ins. Bus back. Soup; beef, spuds, cab, currant pud. Air test in Y. Nav briefing. Routed to 40 miles from St. Nagaire. Pork pie; biscuits & tea. [underlined] Letter to MA & £10. [/underlined] Main briefing 9-0 PM Route swapped with Saltau. Made flight plan out for new route. Got away OK. Got across & back. Found by air searchlight. Fired Very cartridge off & they left us. Landed at 800 mls on cyclometer
[page break]
[inserted] [underlined] 2/6d for “ripping” chute. [/underlined] [/inserted]
5-45 AM. Interogation[sic] etc. Unloaded front [one indecipherable word].
[underlined] AUG. 12TH THURS [/underlined]
Bed about 8-30 AM. Bacon & egg & tea. Got up 1-45 PM. Soup; spuds, cab [one indecipherable word]; currant pud. Shave. Log analysis. Potato cheese; cake & jam; tea. [underlined] No Mail. [/underlined] [underlined] Letter to Mary & Doris L [/underlined]. 1 pint in mess. Letter to Dad, started one to Ma.
[underlined] AUG. 13TH. Fri. [/underlined]
Up at 9-30 AM Mo chart log finished. Did a shot of Gee. Soup; stew, spuds & cake; [deleted] currant pie [/deleted] raisin tart. ([underlined] Ken & Charlie up at 12-30. [/underlined]) Compass swing on T.
[page break]
Swapped cyclometer over to “right” side of bike. [underlined] Letter to Ma & Pa. [/underlined] Mince meat & spuds; jam & tea. Bus into Loughboro, [one indecipherable word] taxi back. 1/9d at Odeon “House of Mystery” & Leslie Howard in “Escape to Happiness”. 4/- taxi back after Dance (2/6d)
[underlined] AUG. 14TH. SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 9-30. Fetched out by “Yannay” fighter affiliation stbd engine went wonky. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] (£10 arrived.) Soup, beef, spuds. Cab; rice pud. No flight & route [sic] to do. Got permit for bike, & reg. parcel from home. Had tea then went on bus [inserted] Beans on toast [/inserted]
[page break]
Into Loughboro. Beans on toast; sandwiches; cakes & tea at Chapel Canteen. Had pint of beer. 2/- dance. Had a pretty good time. 2/6d taxi back at 23.59 hrs.
[underlined] AUG. 15TH SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 8-30. Kellogs; beans & bacon & tea & [underlined] MARMALADE!!! [/underlined] Compass swing. Air to sea & self tow off Skegness. Managed to get dinner. Soup; beef, spuds, tomato; prunes & carnation milk. Did sweet FA in afternoon. “Grape” in AM”. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Eclipse of moon. Salad & meat roll; cocoa. Parceld [sic]
[page break]
[underlined] AUG. 16TH MON. [/underlined]
Up at 7-30 PM. Porr. Bacon & tomatoe; [sic] tea. Bus to Wymeswold. Frape!! To Rotterdam. Dinner at Wymeswold. Soup; stew, spuds, peas; rasein [sic] pud. Dinghy drill. Bus back. [underlined] 9d parcel to Ma. [/underlined] Put on a night flight to get astro shots. Cheese paste on toast; jam; tea. On grape so cancelled night flight. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] AUG. 17TH TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 7-20 AM. Porr; dried egg on toast. Bus to Wymeswold. Endex Grape. Stake,[sic] spuds, carrot; rice pud (1/2 done) Bus
[page break]
back. 1/- tea & cakes. in L’boro. Cheese on toast. Flight plan & gen. cocoa. 12 astro shots. Bombed Ragdale. Bacon & fried bread & egg: - cocoa.
[underlined] AUG. 18TH. WED. [/underlined]
Up at 9-45 (went to bed 5-30). Cleaned buttons, had shave, made log book up to date (30 astro AIR) Soup; beef, spuds, cab; stewed apricots. — ¬Party! In the mess P- [one indecipherable word] Peter beer cleaned up. Bed about 12-30 AM
[underlined] AUG. 19TH. [deleted WED[/deleted] [inserted THURS [/inserted] [/underlined]
Porr; fish; tea. Waited for transport. Went for mail. Bus arrived about 11-0 AM. Drafted
[page break]
kit at LNE stn. Meat pie, spuds, beans; choc pus. Clearence [sic] not finished. Potatoes & spam; jam & cake x 2. Bus into town. Kit at stn. 1/9d “The body disappeared” & Deanna Durbin in “The amazing Mrs Holliday “Bourn Vita. [sic] Bus back.
[underlined] AUG. 20TH. [deleted THURS[/deleted] [inserted FRI. [/inserted] [/underlined]
Up at 7-30. Poo; spuds & sos mashed. £11.15 [one indecipherable word] Clearance fully signed. Filled out at 295. Posted to Stradishal [sic] cancelled !! soup; beef, spuds, marrow; date & apple pie x2. Posted to Lindholme. [underlined] Ordly REFUSED to make passes eto out for us. [/underlined] Beans
[page break]
on toast; cake & jam. Bus in. 1/ and picture. “Went to Day Well” Humphrey Bogart & “Sweethearts of the Fleet”. Fish & Chips. Bus back Pt of Bass in the mess. Bed about 12-01 AM.
[underlined] AUG. 21ST Sat. [/underlined]
No bfast. In bed till 8-45. Shave. Went up to GIS. Passes ready [one indecipherable word] for 12.50 No’7 log books still to be signed. Signed by 11-0 AM. RAIN! Cycled into Loboro. Peas chips & sos (9d) Train out at 12-37 PM. Arr. Shot 2-15. Train out at 2-50. Carried kit across the wheeled bike
[page break]
{one indecipherable word]. Got kit bags in one g’ds van, put bike in the other. {2 indecipherable words] about 3-15. Carried one kit bag on bike other carried by a young chap outside stn. I gave him 1/-, Dad 2/6d. unpacked & [underlined] found oxygen tube missing! [/underlined] sorted a bit of kit out. [underlined] Wrote letter to Tom. [/underlined]
[underlined] AUG. 22ND SUN. [/underlined]
Woke up at 9-30. Got up at 10-30. [underlined] Posted letter to Tom. [/underlined] Saw Joyce Richardson. A lot of rain. Sorted & stuck in a few photos. Had tea then stuck in rest of the photos. Entered star shots in flight log book.
[page break]
[underlined] AUG. 23RD MON. [/underlined]
Up at 10.30. shave clean shirt & collar. Took suit & battle vest & cap to be cleaned (Ready Fri or Sat) P & P gone back to school. Fetched spuds for dinner. Read cowboy book. Went to town with Ma & Sallie. Saw Gran. Went in to see Grandpa. Bought B. D. cards for Dad. P & P came to meet us. RAIN. Went to Ross on trackless. Got back at 9.45. showed Dennis my stamps. Bed after bath about 12-30.
[underlined] AUG. 24TH TUES. [/underlined] DAD’s BD
Up at 11-0 AM. Washed bike & chalked cape. Looked
[page break]
Around for something for Dad & found a small strong – box. Found neither. Took Sallie into town with Ma. No plums or 1/2 pint. [underlined] 3 LETTERS from Dorus & one from Violet. [/underlined] (Letter to Ma from Doris too.) Went to Dance (1/6d) with Dad. 1/2 pint of bitter. Started “Red Gold” Bed 1-0 AM
[underlined] AUG. 25TH. WED. [/underlined]
Up at 10-0. Rain stopped me going to work. Shave. Finished “Red Gold”. Got to work at 3-30. £2:15d allowance. Reg & Jock Wright on afters. Went to Jack Trackers.
Emptied most of books out of trunk. Emptied small
[page break]
Toffee tin(s).
[underlined] AUG. 26TH. THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 10 AM. Cashed money order for Ma & posted Dennis’ parcel. Fetched meat ration. Changed to brown suit. RAIN. Went to Elsie’. No one in. went across to Dennis. Went again to Elsie’s after tea. Only George in; E. gone to Wales for a holiday. Got “Modern Wonders” out & sorted them out.
[underlined] AUG. 27TH FRI [/underlined]
Up at 10-30. [underlined] Letters from Doris C & Mary. [/underlined] (Tom writing.) [one indecipherable word] eto from Mrs Wrights. 12/6d for seats at regent. 4d for cap being changed. Shaved. Went run around then went
[page break]
With P & Ma into town. Regent: - Jules Adrian & Grace Spero (Violin [inserted] BBC [/inserted] & Piano) Tubby Turner & Florence (H if its H okay with you H its H okay with me.) Dorothy Livesey ( ventriloquist) 4 Rich Sisters, Henry D Evans (Juggler.) Stanley Carter ([one indecipherable word] vocal) Jackie Raymond (impers. & Comedian.) Ben Blatt (SILENT comedian.)
[underlined] AUG. 28TH. SAT. [/underlined]
[underlined] Up at 12-0!! [/underlined] Slept till 11-0. Dad got day off. Read Tingo (Peter Orgil & Percy Pattle) 5/- for suit being cleaned. Took best suit in & fetched [one indecipherable word]. Calm. Showers!!! Went run up to Stagg & round. Chased back
[page break]
By shower. Went across to Dunn’s had supper there (spam)
[underlined] AUG. 29. SUN [/underlined]
Got up at 11-0. Had dinner & read book. Went run at 3-45 PM round Stagg & Dalton Magna & Parkgate & Grasbro (10 miles) Sweaty after it so put clean shirt on. Went to Gran’s for tea (plums etc.) Gave P & P. 2/- each for bank & YMCA.
[underlined] AUG. 30. MON. [/underlined]
Dad at home. Went to Gran [one indecipherable word] & to Mace’s. Went to [one indecipherable word]
[page break]
“arabian nights”
[underlined] AUG. 31st. TUES. [/underlined]
Up about 10 to 10-30. Went to Mrs Wrights for spuds. Went to Elsie’s. Went to OTD’s after dinner for bar to put on saddle bag. Went in to sce Reg & bus over at S P & T. Finished camera film. put bar on saddle bag. Packed. Finished library book.
[underlined] SEPT. 1. Wed. [/underlined]
[underlined] Letter from Doris [/underlined] (Corad) Up at 9-30. More packing. Ordered taxi. Hair cut. Put roll film
[page break]
Into Coop. taxi 2-15. Went down on bike after it. Train pulled out at 3-5, arr. Don 3-30. Transport out at 5-15. Unloaded & put in billet. Spam & jam & cake & tea. Went for a run down road for 2mls. 1/2 pint of beer in mess.
[underlined] Sept. 2nd, THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 7-40. Kellogs & sos. For breakfast. Form filling & F F I. Started letter to Violet. Cab, spuds, beef; sponge pud & treacle. 6646 for oxygen tube and a bit of gen. 3-0 PM S/C for home. 22mls
[page break]
Went to LNE stn. To get times of trains. Got home at 5-30. Went with M; D; & P & P to see “Beauty on Duty” at the regent. Bed at 12-00 AM
[underlined] Wrote & posted letter to Violet. [/underlined]
[underlined] Sept. 3rd FRI. [/underlined] [underlined] LANDING ON ITALY. [/underlined]
Up at 6-15 am. Bacon sandwich & tea. Train at 6-55. Arr. Don 7- 40. Had to go down & up steps & hand ticket in. 1/7d for bike. 11mls to camp. Did it in 40 mins (16.5 MPH) (Did 9 mls in 30 mins as part of run) Walked round wood behind barracks.
[page break]
Cup of tea & sandwich. Blackberrying in wood. Stew, cab & spuds; rice pud with raisins. Short session of drill. [underlined] Wrote letter to Doris C., Mary & Elsie. [/underlined] Sos. & bacon, jam & bread for tea. Tool letters to YM. Went thro’ [sic]wood with Charlie, Joe & Bob. Went nearly as far as Racecourse Doncaster. A nice short cut. Should be a total of 8-9 mls altogether. 2 oranges from mess.
[underlined] Sept. 4th. SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 7.45. porr & fish. Swept hut out. Tea &
[page break]
sandwich. Flying clothing. 2prs. Gloves; a full up oxygen tube (14/1d); mike & earphones; whistle floating torch & batteries. Beef, spuds, cab & beans; bread pud; tea. Berlin last night & France 22 lost ( lowest for quite a while.) 1.000 tons in 20 mins. Went into wood with the lads. Set off home 2-55. Via Bawtry. 23ml. W 4-45 Tool George films & 2 Letters for Dick & Les. Walked down to stn with Ma, Pa, P. P & Sal. No train in AM. Bill Tull, new RAF lad billeted at home. Dennis gone on leave.
[page break]
[underlined] Sept. 5TH, SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 6-30. Set out 7-13 ar 8-50 via Bawtry (22.7 mmls) walk around to the wood after sweeping up hut. Beef, spuds, cab & Carrot; apricot pie & butter cream: cheese & tea. RAIN Set off 3-10 thru’ woods Don. Ar 4-55 (19.7mls) Went to Gran’s & collated books.
[underlined] Sept. 5TH MON. [/underlined]
Up at 9-30. Set off 10-35 saw Annie. Followed oil lorry from [one indecipherable word] arr. 11.50 ( 19.7mls = 16 MPH.) Soup: beef, spuds, cab; choc. Pud. Route March & rough & tumble.
[page break]
Meat roll & spuds; jam & cake. Marlene Deitrich [sic] in “Pittsburg” [sic] 1/2 pt. in mess.
[underlined] Sept. 7th. Tues. [/underlined]
Up at 8-0. Bacon & spuds. Short march after roll call. Tea & scone from hut. Walk in wood. Beef, spuds, cab, stewed apricots & rice. Shave. Letters for Dods “Lecture” on rifle! Changed & set off for home 3.25. arr. 5.05. Sorted a few work books out. 1/6d for Dance at Oddfellows.
[underlined] Sept. 8th Wed. [/underlined]
Up at 6.15. Set off 7-5
[page break]
Arr. 8-25 Went for short walk, read in field, walked back. Tea & cake off YMCA truck. Finished “Paper Wedding” Cold meat, onion, lettuce, beet, spuds; apple pies Tea. Potato picking. Cheese savoury & toast, Jam & cake; tea [triple underlined ITALY SURRENDED [sic] [/underlined] Choc & sweet ration. [underlined] Letter to Doris. [/underlined] meat & spud mashed & minced, & coffee. Finished letter to Doris. Took it to Gd. Room. Bed at 11.0 PM.
[underlined] Sept. 9th. THURS. [/underlined]
Porr; sos & mash. Spud
[page break]
Digging found two baby bones, soup; beef, spuds, carrot; currant pud. [one indecipherable word] to feed [one indecipherable word] Set off at 2-0 PM. Arr. 3-30. Ma gone to Sheff. To see A. Edie. Went & posted letter for Les met Ma on the way. Went with her to Mrs Wrights (apples etc) Ma; P & P as pleased as punch with the hares. Managed to feed them with fountain pen filler. Shave. Mended Dyna (?) Bath.
[underlined] Sept. 10th. TUES. MA’S BD.[/underlined]
Up at 6.30. set off 7-7 arr 8-50 or 55. Head wind & soaked with rain,
[page break]
[underlined] Bob got scarlet fever! [/underlined] Gas lecture in billet. Still pouring. Kidney, spuds, beans & cabbage; choc pud. Playing cards in Billet. Still raining. Spuds & egg; jam & swiss roll. More card playing. (Knockout, 7’s eto.) Meat & beans. [double underlined [ Letter to Doris Ryall. [/underlined] milk & biscuits from YMCA. Bed at 9-30.
[underlined] Sept. 11th. SAT. [/underlined]
More rain. Up at 7-45. Porr. Egg (real) & bacon. Duty crew. Finished “The Dollar Chasers”. Soup; beef, spuds, car, cab; rice pud. [underlined] Wrote
[page break]
letter to Doris. Sos & mash; cake & tea. air officer commanding (A/Cd) been on visit with W/Cdr. Got ready for F/Es coming in. arr just before supper. Sent them to supper first. Beef & cabbage & Cocoa. Set all lads up with huts. Made cocoa & toast on fire (?) Cpl. came in chat & had a cup. Left Ken in charge & went to bed 11.0 PM
[underlined] Sept. 12. SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 7.30. Porr & first shave; boot button cleaning. Then got passes signed. I got ‘em stamped in SHQ. Ken got ‘em entered
[page break]
[inserted] SAW MONTY from work [/inserted]
& away we went. Left at 10.30 AM. No train it 4-15 PM. Arr home 12.05 PM. Dod, P & P gone to O & D’s Ma at home. Hares still alive & feeding ok on pen filler. Went short run on bike. Took Sallie for walk. Dod on fire watch.
[underlined] Sept. 13th MON. [/underlined]
Up at 12-30. Went to Coop & took Sallie with me, Saw Alwyn & Princes Royal. Went to work. Drizzle.
[underlined] Letter from Doris (R) & Violet. [/underlined] Storm; rain & hail. Took a couple of shots of [one indecipherable word] on table. Bed 12.15
{page break]
[underlined] Sept. 14th TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 9.30. Shaved. Alwyn came 10.30. showed me photos he’d taken. Went up to school. Went for haircut to Stacey’s. More rain. [underlined] Letter from Morag. [/underlined] More rain. Went to ATC. Intended going to dance but went home instead. Dennis writing letters. Bed 12.AM.
[underlined] Sept. 15th. WED. [/underlined]
Up at 6-AM. Set off 6-40. 3/- train for self & bike to Doncaster. Arr. Donc. 7-45. Set off for camp 7-40. Arr. 8-10 to 15. Joe arrived, Ken followed. Nearly left bike on R’ham stn. Guard put
[page break]
emergency brake on. Went for walk in Wood. Tough beef, spuds & turnip; kinda sorta trifle; tea, went for another walk in the wood. Tea; dripping & tart from hut. Les arrived. Cheese & spuds 7 Beet; jam & tea. Dick just arrived. [underlined] Letter to Violet & Mary. [/underlined] Charlie rolled in for supper. [underlined] Started letter to Doris [/underlined]
[underlined] Sept. 16th. THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 7-45. Corn flakes & sos, tea. PT & walk in wood. Beef spuds. Beans: Bannana [sic] sponge pud & tea. Route March towards
[page break]
Finningley. Tea in mess. Sos roll & chips; jam. Payed £5. (two indecipherable words] Set off home at 7-0 PM. No train so had to cycle all the way. Arr home 8-40. Ma & family gone to No. 8. Les & H there so they came back after supper.
[underlined] Sept. 17th FRI. [/underlined]
Up at 6-35. Set off for stn 6-45. 1/4d ticket to Don. Arr. 7.40. set off from Don at 7-50. Arr camp 8-25. Ate teacake Ma had packed & had piece of parkin. Billet orderly. Coffee &
[page break]
[inserted] Boston Park to Blyton. [/inserted]
Scone from little hut. Soup; beef, spuds, [double underlined] turnip [/underlined] cream & apricot pie. Took clearance chit round. FFI. Rain ! Tea & cake from hut. Sos & tomato; jam & biscuit: apricot & cream pie. [underlined] Letter to Doris [/underlined] . Sos & tomato & coffee. 2 raw tomatoes as well. Packed kit after posting letters for lads.
[underlined] Sept. 18th SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 7-45. Kellogs & sos; tea. Finished kit. Bikes not put on lorry. Bus to Blyton. Roll call & talk by C.G.I. Stew spuds & carrots; currant pud. CGI in intel library. MD on VO first aid kit & oxygen.
[page break]
Gen talk by SWO. Filled form in regarding “valuables” Pay accounts. Spuds & sos; treacle & tea. 6d on bus into Gainsboro’[Gainsborough] 1/9d picts [sic] Ritz Bros. also Boris Karloff. 1/4d chips & fish. 1/- bus Charlie & self. Had pint of beer on Charlie.
[underlined] Sept. 19th SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 8-15. 8-45 parade. Tool shoes in for repair. Beef, spuds, cab, rice pud. Oxygen mask check. Swept hut out. Sorted flying kit and marked it. Read. Shave. Egg [inserted] DRY [/inserted] on fried bread; jam& jam roll; tea. Glourious sun
[page break]
Made bed. Stew & spuds; tea. “Silver Queen Geog [sic] Brent. Pretty Good
[underlined] Sept. 20th MON. [/underlined]
Up at 7-15. Beans on toast, marmalade & tea. BBE. Went round plane fuselage. Stew, spuds, carrot currant pud. R’ from WAAF in mess recognises me. [underlined] Letters from Ma & Doris. [/underlined] One kipper fried, tea. Bus in 1/9d [underlined] one indecipherable word [/underlined] Ronald Coleman & Greer Garson in “ Random harvest” Donald Duck. Pint of beer. Fish & chips. Bus back.
[underlined] Sept. 21st TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 8-AM. thus No bfst. D.R. Compass &
[page break]
Gec Box. Nice bit of beef, baked spuds, carrots; apricot pie. Went in Halifax. Plot to Stuttgart. Cheese & spuds; marmalade, tea. [underlined] Wrote letter to Ma. [/underlined] spuds & minced beef (?) Hedy Lamarr & Walt [sic] Pidgeon in “ White Cargo”
[underlined] Sept. 22nd WED. [/underlined]
Up at 7-15. Bacon & fried bread; porr & tea. C&L. duel & solo 4 hrs Skeg & back. [circled G.] Fish & chips & peas; ginger pud; tea. Did plot from 3-45 to 4-45. [underlined] Onion!!! [/underlined] meat pie & beet; tea. Bus in. 1/2 pint. 1.9d picts “ Bumsteads” & “ My Son {one indecipherable word]” Bus back again. Cook loves
[page break]
going in billet.
[underlined] Letter from Violet.} {/underlined]
[underlined] Sept. 23. THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 8-15. NO Bfst. Plotting. Beef, spuds, carrots; jam roll, water. Lecture with Ken & Orly on nar etc. finished plot. Went to see S W O Not in! so went to see C G I’s cpl re F/Sgt. May get it after 1 years NOT burnt the cheese on toast; jam; jam roll & tea. Natter in hut. Sos & spuds & tea. [underlined] Letter to Ma (?) [/underlined] bags of washing in the hut.
[underlined] Sept. 24th FRI.[/underlined]
Up at 7-15. Bacon & tomato; tea. C&L & G stooge. Filey, York, Shef. [Sheffield] P’boro [Peterborough], Skeg, Filey, Lincoln, Castle D. Base. Spuds, cab, [one indecipherable word] mutton, nice cup of “Gen” tea& talk with WAAF’s Drizzle. [underlined] Letter 7 photos from Ma. [/underlined] Shave & wash. RAIN, Cottage pie; cake & jam; tea. Asked h/lom girl to go to dance with me. Already has an AIRMAN on camp so she said NO. RAIN. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Cottage pie again & tea. Talked to [deleted] Brenda [/deleted] Edna Schofield in mess. Chopped firewood up.
[underlined] Sept. 25th SAT. [/underlined]
#up at 8-15. Made bed & swept up. [one indecipherable word]
[page break]
New plot to Neuremburg. [sic] Beef. Spuds, peas; sponge pud. Bomb lecture & [circled G]. Fish; cake & jam; tea. Went to cinema but no show till [sic] 8-0 PM. Went to see “Bambi” 2/- for 4 seats. Toast eto. Over stove.
[underlined] Sept. 26th SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 8-15. Washed only G & more G. drew chart & maps for PM. Beef, spuds, carrot; rice pud & apricot. C&L’s with S/Ldr. Landed at another drome. [underlined] GEE stooge became a “dual” cross country for ME [/underlined]. [underlined] Letter to Violet [/underlined] spam & spuds; treacle
[page break]
swiss roll; tea. Went short run. Chips & toast in billet.
[underlined] Sept. 27th MON. [/underlined]
Porr & kipper; tea. Cont. plot. Beef, spuds, carrots; currant pud; tea. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] . Bombing lecture. astro compass, finished plot. Cheese & spuds; lemon curd; tea. “Nine Men” film in camp. Toast eto in hut
[underlined] Sept. 28th TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 10-0. Shave! Drew G chart & maps. Beef, spuds, carrots; currant pud. Plotting to Pilsonburg when flying was cancelled. Spuds & MEAT 9??) tea, jam &
[page break]
jam roll. Went to picts. No power, No show. Sos roll & spuds; cocoa, [underlined] Reg parcel from Ma. [/underlined] Sorted laundry out. Toast eto in hut.
[underlined] Sept. 29th WED. [/underlined]
Up 8-15. Wash. Plotting all AM. Stew, spuds, carrots; apricots & [deleted] rice [/deleted] sauce. Gee; W/T aids eto. [underlined] Letters from Ma, Doris & Elsie. [/underlined] Fish & fried spuds, jam & tea. Bus in. “ Tomorrow we Live” Occupied France & escape eto. Fish & chips; 1/2pt. to wash ‘em down.
[underlined] Sept. 30th THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 9-0 AM. plotting
[page break]
flying washed. Almost finished plot. Beef, spuds, cab, peas; ginger pud; tea. G all afternoon. Looked over logs done. Fried egg on fried bread; treacle & tea. £5. 4s pay. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Talent contest in Mess. [underlined] Very [/underlined] good. Brenda back.
[underlined]Oct, 1st. FRI. [/underlined]
Up at 7-45. Porr; & bacon & spuds; tea. Shave!! Finished plot then did [one indecipherable word]. G ( total 13hrs) Supposed to take [underlined] OFF [/underlined] 11-00. Took off 12-25. Did 1:55 [two indecipherable words] Grimsby, Scunthorpe etc. Mutton, spuds & cab; stewed apple & sauce.
[page break]
No mail. Plotted route to Berlin ready to start tomorrow. Sardines on toast & beetroot; jam & tea. “Pride of the Yankees” Gary Cooper Very good. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] Oct. 2nd. SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 8-15. No bfst. Plotting to Berlin. Beef & spuds, cab; ginger pud. More plotting. [underlined] Cleaned Bike!!![/underlined] ([underlined] (1.300) [/underlined] not quite finished plot. Meat pie & spuds; jam & tea. No mail. Date ? with Amie! [underlined] Letter to Ma & Doris. [/underlined] Meat pie & spuds; cocoa. Sing song in the Mess. Amie!!
[underlined] Oct. 3rd, Sun. [/underlined]
Up at 8-30. Wash only. Gee
[page break]
& speed test. ( 65?) Beef, spuds, carrots; stewed apple & cake with Carnation milk. Finished plot. Showed Charlie how to use computor {sic] again. Cottage pie & jam roll, jam & tea. Shave. Bob Hope in “The Ghost Breakers” again!! Then went to dance ended up cutting bread on bread machine. Had a couple of dances with Pat. Parcelled laundry (?) 12-0 mid night [sic]
[underlined] Oct. 4th MON. [/underlined]
Up at 8-45. Lectures in Intel library. Stew, spuds, cab; raisin pud. More lectures (ASD as well) Welsh rarebit;
[page break]
treacle , jam roll & tea. 2/ 6d stamps; 9d parcel home. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Sos roll& fried spuds; {deleted] tea [/deleted] jam roll; cocoa. Short ride on bike, but short by rain. [underlined] Letter to Doris. [/underlined]
[underlined] Oct. 5th. TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 7-40. Porr; bacon & spuds. Lectures again. Beef, spuds, carrot & cab, rice pud & prunes. [underlined] Letter from Violet. [/underlined] More lectures. Had plots retaken! Had look at [one indecipherable word] & generator. Meat roll & spuds: jam & tea. Cleaned bike & altered brakes.
[page break]
cheese & spuds; cocoa. Short run on bike. Messing about with lamp.
[underlined] Oct. 6th WED. [/underlined]
Up at 8-40 AM, lectures, posted Joe’s & Stewith’s parcels. 2/6d book of stamps (5/-). Stew., spuds, carrots; sponge pud. More lectures. Rain . sardines on toast; treacle, tea. Stores, got new shirt & pr. Socks and a piece to patch pants. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Stew, sos roll & spuds.[deleted] tea [/deleted] cocoa. “ China Girl” très bon.
[underlined] Oct. 7th THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 7-40. Porr; liver & fried spuds. Lecture &
[page break]
Kite flying. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Beef, spuds, carrot & turnip; currant pud. Lecture on bombing [one indecipherable word]. Eggs? On toast, jam & tea. Bus in . 4/9d at State Ritz Broom. Not too bad. 1/2pt. fish & chips. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Bus back. Given mouse cat by then.
[underlined] Oct. 8th Fri. [/underlined]
Up at 8-45. Toast & honey! in hut. A.S.R lecture. Shave [underlined] Reg. Parcel from Ma [/underlined] Stew, spuds, carrot; choc sponge pud. Dinghy & parachute drill in lane out at dispersal. Sos & mash; jam; tea 3 ORANGES from NAAFI. Unwrapped parcel
[page break]
“Squadron Leader X” at stn cinema. 2 sos rolls; gravy, tea. 4 to 5 miles run towards [one indecipherable word]. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] Oct. 9th SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 8.45. made bed up. PT? at 9-15. 2 cups milk at farm. [underlined] Letters from Ma, Doris & Tommy Wilcox. [/underlined] Brian Donbarord been Billet! Beef, spuds, carrots, sponge pud. Football match. LOST. Sos, tomato, toast; jam roll & goosgab jam; tea. Bike saddle. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Sos & mash, tea. Run inti Gainsbro on bike. 6 mls each way.
[page break]
Took 1hr [inserted] for [/inserted] bath [one indecipherable word]. Couldn’t be bothered writing letters so sat on bed, after making same, and read papers & comics.
[underlined] Oct. 10th Sun. [/underlined]
Up at 8-45. Didn’t wake till 8-0. Ditch filling from 10-30 till din. Beef, spuds, carrots; rice pud & apple; tea. “ Brains Trust” a waste of time! Cheese & spag on toast; jam roll & Jam. [underlined] Letter to Doris. [/underlined] Sos rolls & cocoa, shaved. Parcelled laundry. Cocoa & toast in hut.
[page break]
[underlined] Oct. 11 MON . [/underlined] {deleted] GRAN M’S B.D [/deleted]
Up at 8-45. Wash. Took laundry into Blyton (10d) Ditch filling. [underlined] Letter from Ma enclosing D’s letter & B.D. card for Gran. [/underlined] Soup; stew, spuds, peas; ginger pud. Laid on bed & read some comics. [underlined] Posted B D card to Gran. [/underlined] Egg on toast ; jam & tea. “ Star Spangled Rhythm” [sic] an all star film. Minced meat & spuds & cocoa for supper. [underlined] Letter to Violet. [/underlined] 1400 miles on bike.
[inserted] GRAN M’s B.D [/inserted] [underlined] Oct. 12 TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 8-45 or 9-0. Lecture by MD on [one indecipherable word]. Beef, spuds, cab & turnip; Currant
[page break]
sponge pud; coffee. Reading in Billet. Rough house. Cheese & potatoes; jam roll; jam. Tea. Shave. Bill Camper & crew arrived. Bus into Gainsboro. “ life & Death of Col. Blimp.” Very good. Fish & chips. Cpl. WAAF on my [one indecipherable word] in [one indecipherable word]. Toast in hut
[underlined] Oct. 13th. WED. [/underlined]
Up at 7-30. Porr; bacon & toast; tea. C&L in [one indecipherable word] . NO GEE for short x country. Beef, spuds, carrots; stewed apple. Cleaned bike. Took crank out & adjusted pedal. Fish & spuds; tea. Took
[page break]
Doreen & cpl to bus stop. Readjusted crank, short run to check. [underlined] Letter to Ma. Letter from Ma.[/underlined] Sonja Heini in “ Katina” with John Wayne [sic].
[underlined] Oct. 14th. THURS [/underlined]
Up at 9-45. Putting border around roadway. Stew, spuds, carrot & turnip; choc (?) pud. [underlined] Letter from Doris Collins. Letter to Doris. [/underlined] Went to E – bay to find out if anything was wrong with engines. Fish cake & fried spuds; biscuits & jam; tea. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Pay [one indecipherable word] £5.4s. Minced meat, spuds; tea & cocoa. Started letter to Doris (Canada).
[page break]
[underlined] Oct. 15. FRI. [/underlined]
Up at 9-15. Went to do dinghy drill. NO kites. Beef, spuds & swede; stewed apple, tart & Cust. NO flight but made edging round roads. [underlined] NO MAIL. [/underlined] Meat pie & spuds, tea. [underlined] Finished letter to Doris. [/underlined] sos & spuds cocoa. “ Priorities on Parade” très bon. Popeye {one indecipherable word] & the Gun”!!
[underlined] Oct. 16th SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 9-15. Made bed up & swept up. Flew from 12-0 till 2.0 PM. Stew, spuds, carrots; sponge pud & tea. [underlined] Letter from M. [/underlined] Cleaning up buttons eto. Meat pie & spuds, jam eto.
[page break]
Bus into Gainsboro. 4 pints altogether, lads had lot of whiskey too. Bus back after fish & chip supper
[underlined] Oct. 17th Sun. [/underlined]
Up at 7-25. Porr; bacon & beans. Bus in rain [one indecipherable word] not’ham. Lunch at TVSC. Dinghy, raining & yachting on Trent. {one indecipherable word]. Bus back. Beef, peas, fried spuds; cocoa. “Story of Stalingrad & “Lucky Jordan”.
[underlined] Oct. 18th MON. [/underlined]
Up at 10-0 AM. sorted out trunk & swept round bed. SHAVE in COLD water. Stew , spuds, cab, beans; raisin roll& cust.; coffee. [underlined] New [/underlined]
[page break]
[underlined] Mess. [/underlined] Bombing up. SBC’s & 4,000 lb’r . meat & spuds, minced! Jam & tea. [underlined] Letter from & too[sic] Ma £11 [/underlined] Beet & cheese; cocoa. Sorted out flying kit.
[underlined] Oct. 19th TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 7-20. Porr; bacon & beans. Flying. X country. Took off 11-30: landed 16-15. (4.45 hrs.) Fish & mashed spuds; tea. [underlined] Letter from Violet. [/underlined] Veronica Lake in “ I Married a Witch” also American Army film. Rain Storm. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] Oct. 29th WED.[/underlined]
Up at 7-20. Kellogs; [one indecipherable word] tea. Went back to bed till 10-15. Shave. Took
[page break]
new kit & log book to NAV. Section. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Stew, spuds, cab; beans; choc. Pud; coffee. Bus in Shops shut!! Coffee & sandwiches & bar choc, Snooker. “Man in Grey” Very Good. Similar to the [one indecipherable word]. Went to the State to DANCE!! Fish & chips & bus back. [underlined] Letter to Ma.[/underlined]
[underlined] Oct. 21st THURS.[/underlined].
Up at
7-45. Kellogs; sos & mash. Dinghy drill (Made it in 20 secs) Parcelled laundry. Beef, spuds, swede, carrots; currant pud. [underlined] Letter from Ma.[/underlined] [deleted] [underlined] Letter to Ma.[/underlined [/deleted] Geog’s photos included
[page break]
Took laundry in to post office. Night C&L. Meat pie & potted meat hotted up.
[underlined] Oct. 22nd Fri.[/underlined]
Up at 8-45. Went to Binbrook to pick up Martinet. Air to air firing. Stew, spuds, peas; jam roll & carnation. Briefing for Bullseye. Cheese & spuds; treacle. Reg parcel from home. Took off 19-00. Recalled after 1hr. but didn’t get it till 22.00 (approx) Homed on GEE & descended on it through cloud. Bacon & egg; tea (good!!) RAIN!!! Photos included in parcel.
[page break]
[underlined] Oct. 23rd. SAT.[/underlined]
Up at 1-0 PM. Rain. Stew, spuds & carrots; sponge pud (didn’t eat.) Went with Ken to see about X. Country & last nights Bullseye ( not too bad) X. C wasted. Ken did link exercise & then I did a bit. [underlined] 2 Letters from Ma. [/underlined] Liver & onion; marmalade & tea. 2/6d choc ration & cigs. [underlined] Letter to Ma.[/underlined] Cocoa for supper. “ No time for love” Fred MacMurray & [one indecipherable word] Claudette Colberg. One big laugh.
[underlined] Oct. 24th SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 9-10. Kellogs; bacon & fried bread. [underlined] Finished letter to Ma. [/underlined] ( 18 PC of each negative)
[page break]
[underlined] Mas Card & shirt letter to Doris. [/underlined] Making logs up to date. Shave & cleaned bike. Beef, spuds, peas, prunes & cust; coffee. Finished “The Great Refusal” Maxwell Grey. Got nearly everything ready for Bullseye. WASHED. Salmon & spuds, mixed jam : tea. Pulled Pop’s 3 speed to kite & got it to go. [underlined] Xmas Card to Mr & Mrs & Misses Ryall.[/underlined] Bacon for Supper. Picts [underlined] FULL HOUSE!!![/underlined] [underlined] Xmas Card, photo & short letter to Norah.[/underlined]
[underlined] Oct. 25th MON.[/underlined]
Up at 11-45. Meat & spud pie
[page break]
spuds;; carrots; rice pud & raisins; coffee. Reg parcel from Ma. X Country scrubbed, readjusted Pop’s 3 speed. Cheese & spuds, cake & jam; tea. [underlined] Letter to Ma.[/underlined] Dumplin [sic] ( of sort) & stew; coffee. “Spring time in the Rockies ”Betty Grable & John Wayne, Carmen Miranda & Cesar Romero also Harry James. Pint of Beer with Pop. Rough & tumble in hut.
[underlined] Oct. 26th TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 7-30 AM. All Bran; bacon & fried spuds; tea. Went back to bed. Up again at 10-45. [one indecipherable word] in Crew room. [underlined] Letter from Doris.[/underlined]
[page break]
Beef. Spuds, cab, turnip; jam roll & coffee. Flight wasted again. Wash, shave & clean up. Had tea then caught bus into town. “Hello Frisco!” Alice Faye, John Wayne & Jackie Oakie. 2 pints & a whiskey to celebrate [underlined] Fred’s B.D.[/underlined] [underlined] Posted letter to Doris. [/underlined] Went to dance 6d of chips. WALKED home.
[underlined] Oct. 27th WED. [/underlined]
Up at 8-0. Porr. & fish; tea. Went back to bed till 11- AM. Pestered by KEN, Les & Pop till I got up. Stew, spuds, carrot & cab; stewed apple & cream; coffee. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined]
[page break]
Made flight plan out [one indecipherable word] for Co & W/V. Cheese , beet, carrots; jam & tea. Went on link trainer 55 mins. 2 beam figure 8 ts. Made TAS table out for RAS 160 & 170
[underlined] Oct. 28th THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 12-55 PM. Beef, spuds, (baked) peas; sponge pud. Flight washed for tonight. Fried spam & spuds, jam & tea. Pay parade & BULL lecture by CGI. Meat & spud mixed & cocoa. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] Oct. 29th FRI. [/underlined]
Up at 8-o AM. Kellogs; sos & spuds; tea. SHAVE! Went to crew room then went
[page break]
to NAV section with Charlie. Started plot with him. Minced meat, spuds, carrot, rice pud & prunes. [underlined] Letter from Home. [/underlined] Went back to nav section, started Stuttgart plot. CGI disbelieved Ken when he said we were in NAV section. Sos roll & spuds; treacle; tea. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] {one indecipherable word] doing links. Sos roll, spuds, & [one indecipherable word] egg; cocoa. Pulled CGI to bits again,
[underlined] Oct. 30th SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 8-15 AM. Continued Stuttgart plot. Packed up at 12-25 hrs. meat & spud pie, spuds, turnip; custard; tea
[page break]
Charlie & I finished plot. X Country scrubbed. Link engaged. Sos & spuds; marmalade & tea. finished plot. X Country finished plot. [underlined] Letter from Ma. Letter to Ma & Dod. [/underlined] “Severn days leave” Victor Mature eto
[underlined] Oct. 31st Sun. [/underlined]
Up at 7-0 AM.
Porr: fried egg & fried bread; tea. [underlined] Letters to Tommy, Dennis, Violet & Elsie. [/underlined] Beef, spuds, cab; cust & plum pud; coffee. Cinema show “Forest Rangers” Paulette Goddard + Fred MacMurray. Seen it before, but its [sic] good. Ham & spam, beet & raw carrot; marmalade & tea. Made parcel up
[page break]
to send home. Spam [one indecipherable word] beet; cocoa. An hours link. ( beam & rough air IF.) RAIN
[underlined] NOVEMBER 1st. MON. [/underlined]
Up at 2-15 AM. Kellogs; bacon & fried bread; tea. Parade again & perimiter [sic] track. Drew DR comp diagram in rate book. Minced meat, spuds, carrots, stewed apples & cust; tea. [underlined] 1/1d Parcel Too [sic] Ma. Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Cleaned bike AGAIN. 4 oranges & 3 Jam rolls, writing pad. Welsh rarebit without toast; jam roll; tea. Washed & changed but bus to Lea changed so that
[page break]
there wasn’t room for Ken & I. more spuds & cheese; cocoa. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] Nov. 2nd. TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 7-20 AM. Porr; bacon fried bread; tea. Parade again at 7-45. [underlined] Wrote letter to Doris & Tommy. [/underlined] Enclosing photo with both. [underlined] Letter from Ma. Parcel from Doris [/underlined] Stew spuds, carrots, beans; currant roll & cust, tea. Started letter to Ma. Played whist with Ken, Dick & Les. Minced meat; spuds; jam, tea. Bus in & back. Had Pat on my knee on way back. “ for ever & a day” all star film. Paderewski short.
[page break]
[underlined] Mon 3rd WED. [/underlined]
Up at 9-0 AM. Shave in mess. [underlined] Letter from Doris & Norah. [/underlined] Sunshine. Beef, spuds, beans, onion; rice pud & raisins; coffee. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] X Country improbable. 10 sun shots. Charlie, Dick & myself. Worked ‘em out as well. X Country cancelled. Celery, spuds & meat pie; [two indecipherable words] & tea. Link trainer for 1/2 hr. “T” test. Supposed to meet Pat at 9.30 pint of beer in Mess. Xmas cake that Doris sent. Put almond icing on it and cut it into even pieces.
[underlined] Nov. 4th. THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 7-45!!! Porr; egg on fried bread; tea. [underlined] Letter to Mary. [/underlined] Watched lads play whist. Meat pie, spuds, cab, jam roll & custard; coffee. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Flight Plan X Count. Cancelled at 4-15 PM. Salmon, carrot [one indecipherable word] celery, jam; tea. Bus into town FREE!! “ Flying Tigers” Fair to Middlin [sic]. 1 1/2 pints. Good sing song in bus
[underlined] Nov. 5th. Fri. [/underlined]
Up about 9 to 9.30. [underlined] Shave! Letter to Ma. [/underlined]Bovril 3/9d. Beef, spuds, carrot; suet pud: coffee. [underlined] Letter from Ma
[page break]
& Violet; P.C. from Gran. 2 Reg parcels from Ma.[/underlined] Flight plan. Tea at 3-30. Sos & spuds; treacle; tea. Got back 9-0 PM Bacon & egg; toast & tea,
[underlined] Nov. 6th SAT. [/underlined]
Up for Bfst. Kellogs; bacon & fried bread. Back to bed till 11-0 AM. Being cleared. Took sextant in & gave particulars. Beef, spuds & beans; currant pud; coffee. [underlined] Parcel from home 1/1d. [/underlined] Fetched flying kit [one indecipherable word] harness it in. Got stores & [one indecipherable word] signature. Sight log book signed also flying log & link! Beans on toast; tea
[page break]
Peach jam; cake. Quick change (battle dress trousers.) Bus in. ( 2/6d) Theatre (8/9) 1/2 pt. bitter. NO chips & NO SINGSONG on bus back. Packing till 12-15 AM
[underlined] Nov. 7th SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 8-0 AM. Kellogs; bacon, tea. Finished “cleaning” . Blank etc, [one indecipherable word] SWO, mess adj. accounts. Completed packing. Beef. Spuds. Carrot; stewed apple & “PINK” sauce; tea. Transport to Binbrook then back to Ludford Magna. Billeted in hut. Sardines, celery, spuds; Jam, tea. Mess very cold. Made bed up & [inserted] made [/inserted] fire. [underlined] Nov. 4th. THURS. [/underlined]
Fish, celery & beet; tea.
[page break]
[underlined] Nov. 8th MON. [/underlined]
Up at about 8-30. No bfst. Went to Sqdn office then to disap office. Gone in [one indecipherable word] Went into see Wing Co; M.D.; Pay accounts. Din:- pea soup; stew, spuds, peas, jam tart, tea. Saw Asst Flight Commander. Tea:- cheese savourie [sic] treacle; cake & tea. Bus into Louth. “ Dead Men Tell No Tales” & “ Enemys Agent” Cider. Bus back. Glass Port.
[underlined] Nov. 9th TUES. [/underlined]
Porr; fish cake; tea. Thermos & torch. Read Nav order book. Soup; beef, spuds
[page break]
Carrot; sweet, Nav equip, new flying boots. Harness, Mae West. A.P.I. gen from Cpl. Shep pie & peas; biscuits, jam roll; tea. [underlined] Letter to Ma. Pop & Violet. [/underlined] Chips & peas, cocoa. 2 route telephone line gen on X Country.
[underlined] Nov. 10th WED. [/underlined]
Up at 7-0 AM. Kellogs; bacon & beans. Got maps & G Charts. Saw S/Ldr Moody then started flight plan. Took off in the end at 11-15. GEE went US at end of long leg. API. Wizard. Kept pretty near to track from pin points. Back at 3-30 PM. Had to loose [sic] height over
[page break]
Louth because cloud obscured base. Spuds, beet, fried spam; jam & jam roll, tea. [underlined] SHOWER.[/underlined] Stew & spuds; cocoa
[underlined] Nov. 11th THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 8-30. Swung K – King with comp. adjuster. Flight plan to WEST COTT. Dinner. Flight washed. NO kite. Flight plan for X Count. Had tea. Got out to T only to find it in bits. Finaly [sic] went in. I. NO LOOP & GEE U/S. & NO ASTRO TIME. Egg on fried bread & chips; tea.
[underlined] Nov. 12TH Friday. [/underlined]
Up 7-30. Kellogs; bacon & fried spuds. Gave gen to
[page break]

NAV Officer, went to special sigs. NO gen. went to GEE dept. regarding I – ITE. Started F. Plan for X count. Bullseye cancelled some soup; fish, spuds, peas, carrots; stewed apricots. [underlined] Letter from Ma, Doris & air letter. [/underlined] Filled “valuables” list in. Flight plan for Bullseye. Egg on toast 7 CHIPS; JAM; CAKE. TOOK OFF 17-35. Mission. [underlined] NO - 1196 [/underlined] landed 22.40 (5.05 hrs)
[underlined] Nov. 13TH SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 9-45 AM. Shave. Took log & chart in. soup; steak, spuds, carrot & cab; rice pud & prunes. No mail & nothing doing. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Rain. Sardines
[page break]
toast, beet & spuds; jam & tea. [underlined] Letter to Doris.[/underlined] Std. one to Norah. Rice pud & prunes, cocoa. Watch repairing. 2/6d Xmas cards.
[underlined] Nov. 14TH SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 10-0 AM. Cocoa [one indecipherable word] Went up to NAV. Naut doing. Soup ; beef, spuds, Cab, carrot ; jam tart; milk. Locker insp. [underlined] SNOW rain & WIND. [/underlined] Got pencil clip. Registered bike. Started queries about pay book. NAV officer tomorrow. Spam, celery, beet, carrot; treacle; tea. [underlined] Finished letter to Norah. [/underlined]Stew, spuds, water cress; cocoa. Howling wind
[page break]
Wrote on Xmas cards & envelopes.
[underlined] Nov. 15TH MON. [/underlined]
Up at 7-30. Ham (cold) & bubble & squeak; tea. Fighter affil in I. (g. belter) Went up with Rowe & his A G’s (1-10 mins.) [underlined] Letter from Ma & Violet. [/underlined] Soup: minced beef & onion, beans, cab & spuds; plum pud & cust; milk & coffee. Gen off [sic] the Wing/Co. Went to see the NAV Officer before din. Welsh rarebit; jam & cake; tea. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Dug around in trunk. Beans on toast, spuds, beet; cocoa. Shave
[underlined] Nov. 16TH TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 7.30. Porr. Fried spam, fried spuds; tea. 8-15 parade
[page break]
air to air & bombing. Took over while Ken went for a “Jimmy Riddle” flew from Skeg to Louth then to Gainsbra {sic] ( 1.45 hrs) [underlined] On battle order [/underlined] No mail. Soup; meat, spuds, cab & Carrot; coffee & milk. Natter with Nav officer. Swing X – Xray. Spuds & peas; jam & tea. Sat & read in mess till b. No Xmas Cards. Got rations. Making log book up to date.
[underlined] Nov 17th WED. [/underlined]
Kellogs & tea. Garda & crew Room. O I on I – ITEM. X Country & bombing. Stew, spuds & cab; Bullseye! Egg on toast & fried spuds, jam & roll.
[page break]
[underlined] Letter from Ma & Doris. [/underlined] Final briefing, bus out to I. NO GEE & NO Loop. Took several star shots. Took off 17.50 ( 6.45 hrs) Got [underlined] LOST. [/underlined] Finaly got back at 00.15 hrs
[underlined] Nov. 18th THURS. [/underlined]
Chips, beans & bacon; tea. Bed at 3-0 AM. up at 11-15. [underlined] Shave! Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Soup; liver, onion bacon., spuds & cab. Window operations. [one indecipherable word]logged. Spam, cheese, spuds, beet; tea. 6 Xmas Cards; double port (4/2d) Wrote Xmas Cards. [underlined] Sent one to Mr Grange. [/underlined] Liver, spud, beet; cocoa. Another port ( 10d)
[underlined] Nov. 19TH. FRI. [/underlined]
Up at 8-45. W/V 050/ 120 MPH. when
[page break]
We got lost and there I was using 360/40 !!! Sextant U/S. so got new one from stores. X Count. (F) Soup; mutton, spuds, parsnip; sponge pud; milk & coffee. Reg parcel from home. Bullseye route eto. Taken to mess in time for egg & chips & tea & cake. Out to kite where trip was cancelled. Sos & mash & tea. Started letter to Ma. Cocoa & corned beef. [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] Nov. 20th. SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 8-50. Roll call & little gen talk by Mr Cooper. Looked over logs with Cooper. Mutton, spuds, cab, beans;
[page break]
trifle; milk & coffee. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Parade at 2 PM. Had wash & caught 3-40 bus with Dick. Bottle of oil; post cards of kites; 6V. bulbs; pencils 2/8d. Salmon & tomatoe [sic], cake & tea. Walked around Wooleys again with Dick. Met Joe & Charlie on bus. Ken, Fred & Parksey in the local. Sabu in “Elephant Boy” also a “ Sgt Doubleday” film. Bus back, Bit of Mum’s cake.
[underlined] Nov. 21st. SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 8-0. Kellogs; bacon, fried spuds; tea. Went in NAV section. Naut [sic] doing. Sat & read in crew room. Soup,
[page break]
[inserted] shave [/inserted]
Mutton, baked spuds cabbage & beans; treacle tart; coffee. Parade 14-15 for issue of 1939/43 star. Took Charlie on GEE. Fish cake & spuds, jam roll & tea. MENDED? Agna & Dick’s pencilight. Fish cakes & cocoa.
[underlined] Nov. 22nd. MON. [/underlined]
Porr; bacon etc. tea. Roll call. Supposed to be on F/A. put on as Reserve Crew. Went for “O” at Fisherton. Air tested it & re-set DR Comp. Draw tracks in & T I’s. Dinner, chop, spuds etc. stewed apricots & cust. Flight Plan . Dick on
[page break]
then cancelled. None of us went (air crew) Rest of ‘em got away except Wallace. Grabbed runway & didn’t get off another “abortive”! Beans, mashed spuds; cocoa, [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] Nov. 23rd. TUES. [/underlined]
Porr; bacon & spuds; tea. Reported sick. Bathed hand in hot water. Got to get Bafin tablets. Air test crew but nowt to test. Soup; stew, spuds, beans; apricots & cust. Still no flying. Had tea. No mail so didn’t send any. Packed things into packs ready to go.
[page break]
Wind & rain. Cauliflower & cheese; cocoa. Jossa turned back.
[underlined] Nov. 24th. WED. [/underlined]
Up about 8-30 to 9. Shave. Pay parade £8! Finished packing. Had dinner. [underlined] Letter & snaps from Ma. [/underlined]. Got changed ready to go. Passes at 5 to 4. Had tea. Spam, spuds, water cress eto. Cycled into Mkt. Rasen. Train at 6-0. 2/9d for bike. Sat in train & read. Drizzle. Just caught train in Lincoln. A SLOW! SLOW!! Train. Found Hen on board, no train from Shef.( arr. 9-20) Hen’s train 10-40
[page break]
Rain stopped. Got home just before 10-0. Paultice [sic] on hand. Blacked out with shock. Bed 1-30.
[underlined] Nov. 25th. THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 12-30. Spot of rain. Cleaned saddle bag. Had a look at Jackie. Had blow on new [one indecipherable word]. Took saddle bag to bits, had look at [one indecipherable word]. Had tea at home. Changed & went to dance.
[underlined] Nov. 26th. FRI. [/underlined]
Up at 9-30 to 10. Ham & egg for bfast. Painted saddle bag & cleaned bike. Went to SPT & collected 14 weeks allowance ( 70/-) Went to Empire Flanagan & Allen
[page break]
in “ Theatre Royal” also a submarine film. Fish for supper.
[underlined] Nov 27th SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 9-30. Shave. In town by 10-5. £11 for radio. Got receipt. Went to O & D afterwards. Came home with Dod. Took Pat to Miss Sharpes. Went to town with Ma & Pa. 5/- book stamps. 1/3d battery from Wooleys. No collar studs stuck photos in albums. Talk with Bill. Dod at dance
[underlined] Nov. 28th SUN. [/underlined]
Up in time for 1 o clock news. Went with Dod to
[page break]
Mr Thackers. Home on bus for tea. Had a look thru’ stamps. Stuck a few in albums.
[underlined] Nov. 29TH. MON. [/underlined]
Up at 10-15. Made box for battery to put on bike. Sorted straps out for saddle bag, Drizzle! Went with P & P to go to No. 8 with Gupa. Had tea there. Reading home journals eto. Had 2 x 1/2 pt shandies with Dod & Gupa. Walked home.
[underlined] Nov. 30TH. TUES. [/underlined]
[underlined] Letter from Doris. [/underlined] Put box on bike also knocked saddle bag together. Went
[page break]
& had hair cut. Went to Regent, Pretty good,
[underlined] DEC 1st. WED. [/underlined]
Up at 10 to 10-30. Went to o & D’s. din at home. Put saddle bag on bike & packed kit. Train 5-30. Arr Sheff. 6-0. S/C 6-45 9 15 late) Retford 7-30. 7.47 arr & S/C at 8.15. Arr Linc. 9.30 instead of 8-30 then went on to Mkt Rasen arr about 10 to 10-30. Comp 1 L O P M. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] DEC 2nd. THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 9-0. Battle order!! Went in to see Mr Cooper. Pu us on with Heade WOP. Dinner & aft meal briefing. Finished flight plan
[page break]
all ok. S/C. 1 min late met W/V U/S!! Didn’t get to the Big City. NO speed & petrol going like water (7hrs 35 [inserted] [one indecipherable word] [/inserted])
[underlined] DEC 3rd. FRI. [/underlined]
Landed at 00.30 AM. at Bradwell Bay inter. Supper egg & spam, tea. Bed with sheets about 3 AM. Up again at 9.15 [underlined] Crew bus to Mess!!! [/underlined] Went out to kite. Brought a lot of incendiaries back also flak holes, one in fin & rudder & one through both outer spinners. Soup, chips & fish; pear & semolina; cup of milk. Reading in Mess. Went
[page break]
out & put all our kit together. RAIN. AID inspected tail fin & plane. Meat & tater pie jam & tea. 2 The Black Swan” Pirate story. Très bon! [underlined] Letter home. [/underlined] pint beer. Supper in mess.
[underlined] DEC 4th SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 8-30. Porr & finnie. Went on further insp of kite. Found an odd incendiary. Fred & I got it out. Had dinner. Lanc. Coming for ma. Got kit out ready for him. Turned up at tea time, brakes U/S. couldn’t fix em in dark. “Moon &
[page break]
Sixpence” Supper & read in Mess.
[underlined] Sun, Dec. 5th. [/underlined]
Up at 8-45. Lorry to Mess. Sat reading in Mess. Kite ok at 11-30. S/C 12-00. Arr 13.00 in Y-yoke. Interrogation by Intel. & Nav officer. Dinner. Mended brake & switch on bike. Mr Cooper not in. [underlined] F/Sgt come through. [/underlined]Tea, spam celery eto. Sgt Duff’s [underlined] rude [/underlined] remarks made. Shave. Wrote this up to date. [underlined] Letter from Ma. Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Supper in Mess.
[underlined] DEC 6th. MON. [/underlined]
Up at 9-0. Made bed up & swept
[page break]
up. Went in to see Mr Cooper. Log book up to date. Plotting with Dick. [underlined] Letter from Ma & X-mas card from Doris.[/underlined] Dinner in Mess. New Shirt. Had astro watch mended puncture. Started letter to Doris. Tea in Mess. [underlined] Telegram HOME. [/underlined] Bus into Louth. “ They Came to Destroy America” George Sanders also “Criminal Investigations” Supper in TOC H. [underlined] Finished Letter to Doris. [/underlined]
[underlined] DEC 7th. TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 9-0. Stood down. Plotting with Dick. Din. [underlined] No Mail. [/underlined] Wet with Ken to see S/L Finch.
[page break]
Kicked football around for 1/2 hr or so. Still no mail. Tea in mess. [underlined] Letter to Violet, Mum, Dod, P & P. Novels to Millie.[/underlined] Supper in Mess. Ken returned from dance at 12-15 or so.
[underlined] DEC. 8TH WED. [/underlined]
Up at 8-0. Bfst & up at crew room by 8-45. No Parade just because [underlined] we [underlined] were there. Put flak & [one indecipherable word]on new chart. No mail. Dinner pretty fair. Got choc ration. [underlined] Letter to Doris. [/underlined] Tea not too bad. Cleaned bike a little. [underlined] Letter to Annie. [/underlined] ENSA concert pretty good. [underlined] Letter to MARY. [/underlined].
[page break]
[underlined] DEC 9TH. THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 8-5. Porr & tea. P.T!!!! tried to find out where we got too [sic] on Berlin trip. Early dinner. Not too bad. Fighter affil & bomb sight leveling. [sic] Cleaned up & got changed. Liver & chips; jam & tea. Bus into Louth with Les. Had a go at picts. George Formby in L.O.V. film. Had shandy. Went to dance. Had 2 or 3 with a couple of Waafs. Bus back. Sherry in Mess. [underlined] Air letter from Norah. Telegram from Ma. [/underlined] radio)
[underlined] DEC. 10TH. FRI [/underlined]
Up at 8-30. X-Country to
[page break]
Bullseye back to X-Country. Din. Milk. [underlined] Letter from Ma & Pa. [/underlined] Flight plan & briefing. Early tea. Take off 17.15. Bombed. Back at 22.30. Bacon, chips & egg; tea.
[underlined] DEC 11TH. SAT. [/underlined]
Up at [underlined] 10-30!! [/underlined] Worked out air miles ( 1083 speed 1000 gals) Shore. Din. Dick & Ken bombing. Key Safe!! Fred & I went to Wickenby NO RADIO. Cementation. Co closed. Spuds & spam in Mess. Bus back to Ledford got back at 6-45. [underlined] Letter & Radio Times from Ma. [circled 8/- Mess] [underlined] Letter to MA. [/underlined] Got changed & went to dance & [one indecipherable word] Took Dental
[page break]
girl back to [inserted] her [/inserted] billet. Bed at 2-0 AM
[underlined] DEC. 12th. SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 10-30. Naut doing. Parade 1-30. Reg [underlined] Parcel from Doris ( choc, cake, gloves etc.) [/underlined] Short talk about party for Jan 2nd ’44. Started cleaning bike. Took 3 speed down so far but when put together again something burnds [sic] Tried to run it off but no go. Bed about 12-0
[underlined] DEC. 13th. MON[/underlined]
Up at 10-0 AM. Washed made bed up & swept up. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Bus to Wickenby. Picked radio
[page break]
up. Sat in M T. Crew Room 6/- for P.O.W. fund. Salmon & spuds, treacle & cake. Bus back. Fitted wireless up with aerial. Not too bad. Had bit of supper. [underlined] finished letter to Doris. Letter from Mary! Letter to Mum. [/underlined]
[underlined] DEC 14th TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 8-0. Bfst. No parade so returned to Mess & had a shave. Computed W/V chart for B/St. log cover. Wood collecting & chopping. Din. NO MAIL. Had teeth filled almost passed out. £14 money order (Radio & Pay) [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined] Clean sheets washed & changed. Dance in
[page break]
the NAAFI. Walked home with Avice. No good night kiss.
[underlined] DEC 15. WED. [/underlined]
Up at 9-15. Naut doing, gave gen for Raid Report. Got a few more Xmas cards addressed [underlined] Sent one to Mack & S.P.T. Letter & Xmas card to Mary. Letter & parcel from Ma. [/underlined] Iron enclosed in parcel. P. Office shut. Sorting things out in trunk. [underlined] Letter to Ma & Mr. Eskholme. [/underlined] Played cards tIll 10-0.
[underlined] DEC 16 THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 8-0. Bfst & shave. PT for 1/2 hr. Battle order! D.Ion X briefing at 11-45. THE BIG CITY [one indecipherable word] MEAL. EGG & CHIPS 15/- p.o.
[page break]
from S.P&T. Started flight plan then was told we were scrubbed. Helped Buln with fire kit. Went in to see Avice. Working late so no date. Book by W.W. Jacobs & F.A.A & 2/6d from Mss French. Mum sent her photo of me. [underlined] Receipt to S P&T. Short letter to ma & Auntie Florrie. [/underlined] 3 Oranges. RATION!! [underlined] Parcel to Ma. [/underlined] ( 4 oranges & chewing gum.) [underlined] Letter to Norah. [/underlined]
[underlined] DEC 17th FRI [/underlined]
Up at 9-15. [underlined] Charlie returned. [/underlined] Stood down. No mail!!! Dinner, milk. Phoned Avice (date for tonight) [underlined] Letter to Doris. [/underlined] [one indecipherable word] & 10 Players. Met Avice 5-30. Bus in arr 6-30. Playhouse Briane [sic] Aherne
[page break]
“Adventures Night” or some such title. Very funny. Tea & toast In TOC H. Bus back at 10-00.” One Kiss”.
[underlined] DEC. 18th SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 8-0. Porr & coffee only! OPPs! in Z. Did D.I. All ok ? I hope. Got route & F/plan made out. Went & had din. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Opps meal & aps SCRUBBED. Went to P.O. to see if any mail. Avice & Betty there. Went with them into Mkt. Rasen with mail van. RAIN & RAIN. No mail for me. Had tea. THROWING IT DOWN!!! Went to ENSA show. Not TOO bad [inserted] 5 girls in it only.[/inserted]
[page break]
[inserted] [underlined] HOLLY PICKING.[/underlined] [/inserted]
[underlined] DEC 12th. SUN. [/underlined]
Up at 8-35, consequently no bfst, stand down. Went to Intel with Maps & went out to J-Jig. Went to P.O. invited to go holly gathering. Rang Avice up. Dragged her from her dinner. Had dinner. Not too bad. Went with mail van to Mkt Rasen. Coffee & tarts in Canteen. [underlined] Holly picking [/underlined] Got some nice pieces. Unloaded parcels sorted some. HAM for tea. Stamps for mess. (£3.) [underlined] Letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] DEC 20th. MON. [/underlined]
Up at 8-45. 1/2 hrs P.T. Battle order. D I on J- Jig. Nav briefing. [ three indecipherable words]
[page break.
Nipped in to see Betty & Sylvia in P/O. NO parcel. Finished flight plan. Out to kite about 4-30 airborne 5-29. [underlined] FRANKFURT [/underlined] nice change. Home 23.03 landed 23.50. ( 6hr 20m) [one indecipherable word]. Cornflakes & beans & bacon eto. [underlined] Letter Violet. Paper Ma [/underlined]
[underlined] DEC 21st. TUES. [/underlined]
Bed at 2-45. Up again at 9-30. Plotting positions for 21.05 hrs. Din. Went into Mkt Rasen with Mail again. RAIN. Met Avice & Betty in WVS. Went to concert in NAAFI. Won! Shaves & tooth paste for 2 bus tickets. “ A Kiss in the Dark” [underlined] Letter from Ma. Card G. THOMPSON[/underlined]
[underlined] DEC 22nd. WED. [/underlined]
Up at 9-15 or so. Flights by 10-0
[page break]
[one indecipherable word]to take S/Ldr. Marshall to ACKLINGTON (not Newcastle) Late din. (meat like rubber.) Phoned P/O then Alice ( not in) so went & cleaned up & changed. Went to P/O. Collected [underlined] 2 Reg parcels from Mum. Letter from Doris & card from Doris Collins. [/underlined] Alice phoned Mess just as I got there! Bus in. Dinner at Kings Head. ( chicken etc trifle & coffee) 9/6d Picts “Dr Syn” 4/6d. Cup tea at T.H. Bus back 2 Crosses. Pint in Mess. Unwrapped parcels. Mince pies & cake. OXO with Ken in hut.
[underlined] DEC 23rd. THURS. [/underlined]
Up at 8-30. New lattice charts. Opd!! Flight plan
[page break]
Started. Din [inserted] Phoned Avice from P/O [/inserted]& ap. Meal. [underlined] Letter from A Flamie [/underlined] went to main building for briefing. Finished flight plan. Scrubbed!!! Went to P/O. Avice there. She & Betty going into Louth. Had tea. NO MAIL!! [underlined] Letter to Ma. [one indecipherable word] to Avlce, Betty & “Silva” [/underlined] Op meal (Ginger bear “dragged” me off bus out to Louth!!!)
[underlined] DEC, 24th. FRI. [/underlined]
00.15 take off. BERLIN 4:15 landed. 8.10 hrs. Bfst. Phoned Alice. Bed 11-0 Up again 4-15, Mince pies. Tea. Hurried shave & change. Bus in. DIN at Kings head. Jack Benny at Playhouse. Cup tea & bun in Girls Toc H, Bus back letter from Allan, X cards Mary, Gran
[page break]
Went to dance in NAAFI. Took Alice to WAAF Guard Room after Dance. Bed 2-0 AM.
[underlined] DEC 25th. SAT. [/underlined]
Up at 9-30. Ground crews TANOYED [sic] for !!!! ALL TANNOY MESSAGES CANCELLED!!!! Waited till 11-15 then called 116. Dental Officer answered. Avice at P.O. Called P.O. just as they were calling Mess. Meeting Avice at dance. 4 for Dick & one for Joe. Got changed & went to Mess. Had din with the lads. Drank port & gin with the lads. Autographs & payments!! Boiled ham & beet. Parlsy on the offensive “12th night” Shakespeare play
[page break]
Très Bon! Dance. Avice arrived about 10.30. feeling pretty browned off. Took her HOME??
[underlined] DEC. 26th. SUN[/underlined]
Up at 10-0. NO BATTLE ORDER. Rang Avice up. Xmas dinner as per menu. Washed, shaved & changed went short run towards Louth. ( 3/4 hr for 8 mile) Tea ( salmon, cake & biscuits). Zaifs milk in Mess. Sat on bed for an hour or so. Went to “Get Together” party. DEAD! Betty & Jack eventually got it going. Musical chairs etc. Bill went back to billet. Danced with
[page break]
Silva, Vera & Avice. Slight improvement but still pretty rough & cheesed’ Had talk with Avice on way down “Lovers Lane”
[underlined] DEC. 27th. MON. [/underlined]
Up at 9-30. No battle order DI. Run up. Visited P.O. no parcels. [underlined] 3 letters from Ma one from D Dunn. [/underlined] Dinner pretty good. Called Avice. Bar closed before I realised I was short of fags. Had a good clean out of trunk. Changed underclothes. Parceled [sic] Laundry. Had tea. Bus into Louth. Cup tea & toast. Eric Portermon in “ They Dive at Dawn” Very good. Bus back to WAAF Guard Room.
[page break]
[underlined] DEC. 28th TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 9-10. On fighter affil in PM. Went to P.O. but nout for me. Parcel for Dick. Had din, not too bad! Went to P.O. & gave Silva £1 to get a [one indecipherable word]. Got out to kite ( I ) F.A. cancelled. Went over Berlin plot. Notice in mess. Shaved & changed. Silva not got [one indecipherable word]. None in M. Rasen. Pay Parade. Went & had tea then went back.(£6.6s) Left pay book to be amended!! “Tons of Money” in NAAFI. WIZARD. Mince pies gone. [Underlined] Avice my “wing’s parade”[/underlined] [double underlined] “0”. [/underlined]!!
[page break]
[underlined] DEC. 29th. WED. [/underlined]
Up at 8-0. Kellogs, sos & mash, tea. Natter on NAV in general & DRC. In Brief Room. OPS!! Nav briefing. Dinner. Kite charged to “D” more gen. NO OI! [underlined] Start letter home! [/underlined] The Big City!!! ORC had to be synchronised. Rear turret U/S. GEE invent U/S & turret went U/S again, so dropped the cookie & a few incendiaries & turned back. [underlined] Letters from Ma; Violet; air letter from Mr. Ryall. Wrote letter to Ma. [/underlined]
[underlined] DEC. 30th. TUES. [/underlined]
Up at 10.15!! stand down. Buzzed around getting chits
[page break]
for trousers [inserted] Wash & shave[/inserted] [underlined] Reg. parcel from Ma. [/underlined] C.O’s parade. 17/6d for BINGE on Jan 2nd. Phoned Avice. HAIRCUT!! Tea in mess. Bus in 7/- fish & chip dinner. 2/- to see ”Convoy” Bus back Avice paid fare in
[underlined] DEC. 31st FRI. [/underlined]
Up at 8 or 8.15. Made bed up & swept up. Changed battle dress trousers, D I on J- JIG. Battle order. Trocka & distances. Din. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Op meal. Briefed. SCRUBBED. Date with Avice. Started letter to Ma. Rain. Changed. Tea. Bus in, picts “Secrets of the Underworld” Toast & tea in
[page break]
TOC H. went to PARTY in NAAFI had a dance or two “Auld langsyne [sic]?
[underlined] JAN. 1st SAT. 1944. [/underlined]
First dance with Avice (quick step) nat. kiss too! Forestalled Jock! Bed 1- to 1-15. U at 10.15. Battle order. No gen. Had din. [underlined] Finished letter to Ma. [/underlined] Mail van into Mkt. Rasen. 2/4d pd. 4 crowns for coffee & cakes in Church Army. Bought kettle in Mkt Rasen Dropped Avice at WAAF site. No mail for me! Had tea, Nav Briefing! [underlined] Op meal. Crew briefing. [/underlined] Take off 00.15 hrs. S/C 01-! Arr Berlin 3-30! Back on deck at 8-30 [underlined] JAN. 2nd. 1944. [/underlined] Inter rum & coffee. Ham, bacon
[page break]
[inserted] [underlined] Jan 2nd. SUN. [/underlined]
& egg; Kellogs. Rang Avice up. Bed 11-0. Up at 4-15. Rang Avice up again to ask her about party & found out there were more ops on!! So, we’ve had party. Tea Nav Brief. Ops meal. Flt. Plan. Airborne 23.55
[underlined] JAN. 3rd. 1944 MON [/underlined]
Berlin! 03.00. Diverted to B.S. Eds. Landed 7.30. Meal. Bed. Meal at 5-0. bfst & beer (3gal barrel x2) Bed at 12-0. RAIN & cold.
[underlined] JAN. 4th TUES. [/underlined]
Up at about 9-0 Transport to kite. Airborne 11.55. Landed Ludford 12.40. Avice went on leave this AM.
[page break]
Shave. Tea. Changed brake blocks on rear brake. [underlined] Letter to Ma; Violet. [/underlined] Pressed trousers & tunic. Xmas Cake.
[underlined] JAN. 5th WED [/underlined]
Up at 10-0 Ops. Made charts out. No gen. Had dinner. [underlined] Letter from Ma & Tommy. [/underlined] Swung I & D I’d it. Visited P.O. Had lay down. Tea. Nav briefing. Op meal. Briefed. Ft Plan. Airborne 23.50 [inserted] or 0-00hrs [/inserted] MOONLIGHT!!!
[underlined] JAN. 6th. THURS. [/underlined]
STETTIN in the MOONLIGHT. Landed 9-10. Inter. Visited adj for pay & ident. Card (£9.20) Went to P.O. Nout doing. Dinner. [underlined] Letter from Ma. [/underlined] Washed & changed P.O. van inti Rasen. Train at 3-45. Lincoln 6-50 (sos & chips) [inserted] LEAVE [/inserted] Sheff. 9-20. Home 10-10
[underlined] JAN. 7th FRI. [/underlined]
Up at 12.15. Took back wheel out of bike & went with P & P & [one indecipherable word]to O & D’s: Brought fish back with me. Went to Empire “Something to shout about” fish for supper. [underlined] Letter to Doris [/underlined]
[underlined] JAN. 8th. SAT. [/underlined]
Up again at 12.15. Dod home. Had shave!! Flitted beds & carpet. Went into town with family. Dod gone to dance. Ma & I went to Grangetowers too invite WAAFS to party. Filled rest of photos in album.
[page break]
[ picture card of soldier with Bayonet & NEUVE CHAPELLE coat of arms]
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1389901 FLOWERS K.W.
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Keith Thompson, “Keith Thompson's diary from July 1943 to January 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 21, 2024,

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