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Notes kept by Jack during his training.


Made out for Pilot Officer William Roy Peter Perry. Narrative mentions completed 20 operations, showing outstanding skill and determination. Skilful airmanship enabled gunner to shoot down enemy fighter. Twice had to recover aircraft on three engine…

Joined in 1942 and then details training and tour on 115 Squadron, gunnery course, tours as gunnery instructor. Further tour with 625 Squadron, crashed twice before another instructors tour. Mentions 14 ops on first tour and 20 on second. Comments on…

Head and shoulders, all with aircrew trainee flash and telegraphist sleeve badge, all three have inscriptions to Eric and one is dated Oct '43.

Top left - view of ducks in foreground with tree surrounded pond in distance. Captioned 'Kew Gardens, Richmond, Oct 43'.
Top right - view across lake of trees. Captioned 'Kew Gardens, Richmond, Oct 43'.
Bottom left - view of a Tiger Moth in a…


Top left - view down on a courtyard with buildings surrounding. Bridge and games court in open space. Captioned ' Courtyard behind the Hotel Metropole, Brighton, Oct 43'.
Top right - half length image of two airmen wearing tunics with pilot's brevet…

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Top left - view across river of a multi-story building. Captioned 'Memorial Theatre reflected in the Avon, Stratford - on - Avon [sic], Oct 43'.
Top right - view of buildings across river. Captioned 'The Avon from the Memorial Theatre Oct…

Top left - Marble arch monumental gateway. Captioned 'Marble Arch from Hyde Pk gates, Oct 43'.
Top right - three policemen walking along path towards camera with trees either side. Captioned 'Three "Bobbies" Hyde Park London, Oct 43'.
Bottom left -…

Top left - view across street of St Paul's Cathedral. Captioned 'St Paul's from Cannon St, Oct 43'.
Top right - view between buildings in foreground of St Paul's. Captioned 'Rear view of St Paul's, Oct 43'.
Bottom left - view down a street with…

Top left - view of the queen Victoria memorial with Buckingham Palace in the background. Captioned 'Buckingham Palace from The mall, Oct 43'.
Top right - view of front of Buckingham Palace. Captioned 'The palace again. Oct 43'.
Bottom left - view…

Top left - an airman wearing tunic with pilot's brevet and side cap sitting on a bench with pigeons. Captioned 'Trapper on Boston Common, Sept 43'.
Top right - view from rear of an airman sitting on a bench in a park watching a squirrel perched on…

Five airmen sitting on the rear of a Lancaster. On the reverse:-
' Left to Right
Harold -Navigator
Johny - Bomb-aimer
Joe - Engineer
Bill - Mid-upper gunner
Roy - Rear Gunner
Oct 1943'.

Top left - a large group of airmen wearing khaki uniform sitting and standing in four rows in front of a Wellington. At front middle a sign '37 Sqdn, B Flight'.
Top right - two airmen wearing khaki shirt and shorts sitting on a wall. The man on the…

Contains personal details and postings including to 514 Squadron in October 1943 as well as reported missing in April 1944 and then a prisoner of war.

A log book used as a scrap book. The photographs and documents cover his aircrew training from November 1943. It has sergeant's mess subscription cards, photographs, correspondence and cuttings.
Many of the entries are post war and a number refer…

Top - six airmen, all wearing tunics with three squatting in front and three standing behind. The man middle rear wears a peaked cap and has half brevet. In the background part of a building. Submitted with description 'Duplicate of…

Top - Seven airmen all wearing battledress with peak or side caps, three sitting and four standing in front of a hut with windows. Submitted with description 'W/Cdr R E Baxter and his crew, RAF Skellingthorpe, 1943. Baxter is centre of front row, P/O…

Top right - two RAF officers one wearing battledress and the other a tunic standing in front of the wall of a building. Officer on the left is smoking a pipe and both have hands in pockets. In the background left a window and right a door. Captioned…

Notes describing first leaflet sortie, problems with starboard engine, forced landing and activities in France and return to England. Then moves on to 207 Squadron and lists operations and flying after finishing second tour and post war.

A copy of the 427 Squadron Crest with 'Approved George R.I.'

A rear/port view of a Lancaster on the ground. Information supplied with the collection identifies this as Woodford, October 43.


The Lancaster is running its engines on the ground watched by ground crew, who have just removed its chocks.

A logbook covering the period 7th October to 26th November 1943 (73 pages)
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