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When Italy entered the war in 1940, air raids were conducted over key military targets and peaked during the first half of 1942. Attacks ceased altogether by 1943 once Italy had surrendered. The various dockyards maintained efforts to keep ships in…


The writer advises that Mrs E Pepper, whose son flew with Les, had not got over the loss of her son and died of a heart attack.

Bernard Ross’ Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 05 of April 1943 to 22 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as Air Gunner. He was stationed at RAF Penrhos (9 OAFU), RAF Seighford (30 OTU), RAF…

Recalls Harry's joining the RAF and describes his initial, then basic and advanced aircrew training. Follows move to operational training unit, and joining 102 Squadron flying Whitley. Mentions operations to Berlin, Stettin and Duisburg. Converted to…

42 air school magazine. Articles, cartoons, artwork, club information, sports news, poems, advertisements, editor, padre, news from other stations in southern Africa, weddings and births, sports results.

George Royall's log book, detailing his RAF flying from September 1943 to November 1945. It records his training as an observer, gunner and bomb aimer, initially at 48 and 42 Air Schools in South Africa. It then records his flying training with 8…

A list of 129 Lancasters lost on 79 operations between September 1943 and April 1945. Target, date and aircraft tail numbers are listed in chronological order.

He thanks her for her mail. He has left Lethbridge and is now at Edmonton. The food at his new base is good. An Anson crashed killing five crew and trainees.

Ha has been to Banff on leave. After hitch hiking locally they hired bike and swam in the hot springs. On a flight their undercarriage stuck up but they landed safely.

He has had no mail and he is nearing the exam period. He has been doing a lot of flying. There has been a parade and an air show.

He thanks her for her mail and newspapers. He has been night bombing.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 and 2 are captioned October 1943 and show the funeral procession and guard of honour.
#3 and 4 show the guard of honour at Fred's grave side and firing a salute. It is captioned 'October 1943 Mourners Grandpa…

Notes kept by Jack during his training.


Made out for Pilot Officer William Roy Peter Perry. Narrative mentions completed 20 operations, showing outstanding skill and determination. Skilful airmanship enabled gunner to shoot down enemy fighter. Twice had to recover aircraft on three engine…

Joined in 1942 and then details training and tour on 115 Squadron, gunnery course, tours as gunnery instructor. Further tour with 625 Squadron, crashed twice before another instructors tour. Mentions 14 ops on first tour and 20 on second. Comments on…

Head and shoulders, all with aircrew trainee flash and telegraphist sleeve badge, all three have inscriptions to Eric and one is dated Oct '43.

Top left - view of ducks in foreground with tree surrounded pond in distance. Captioned 'Kew Gardens, Richmond, Oct 43'.
Top right - view across lake of trees. Captioned 'Kew Gardens, Richmond, Oct 43'.
Bottom left - view of a Tiger Moth in a…


Top left - view down on a courtyard with buildings surrounding. Bridge and games court in open space. Captioned ' Courtyard behind the Hotel Metropole, Brighton, Oct 43'.
Top right - half length image of two airmen wearing tunics with pilot's brevet…

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Top left - view across river of a multi-story building. Captioned 'Memorial Theatre reflected in the Avon, Stratford - on - Avon [sic], Oct 43'.
Top right - view of buildings across river. Captioned 'The Avon from the Memorial Theatre Oct…

Top left - Marble arch monumental gateway. Captioned 'Marble Arch from Hyde Pk gates, Oct 43'.
Top right - three policemen walking along path towards camera with trees either side. Captioned 'Three "Bobbies" Hyde Park London, Oct 43'.
Bottom left -…

Top left - view across street of St Paul's Cathedral. Captioned 'St Paul's from Cannon St, Oct 43'.
Top right - view between buildings in foreground of St Paul's. Captioned 'Rear view of St Paul's, Oct 43'.
Bottom left - view down a street with…

Top left - view of the queen Victoria memorial with Buckingham Palace in the background. Captioned 'Buckingham Palace from The mall, Oct 43'.
Top right - view of front of Buckingham Palace. Captioned 'The palace again. Oct 43'.
Bottom left - view…
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