To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A three-page hand-written letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. He writes about having to drill in snow, cakes that his comrades managed to acquire and the start of food rationing.




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[RAF Crest]
[inserted] My darling Hatty
My da [/inserted]

Room 124
No 4 I.T.W. R.A.F.
Sat 30.12.39

My darling Jessie
Thank you for the Standard which I received this morning Its nice to be able to read about the home town. Have you had much snow. Its [sic] quite thick here [smudged]although [/smudged] it has not snowed since Thursday. Yesterday we did two hours drill on the snow covered Prom and a route march and snowball fight in the afternoon and this morning another route march. I can tell you I've had quite enough of this weather. I felt so tired after dinner that I had two hours sleep on my bed and feel [deleted] mucher[/deleted] much fresher now.
I have bought a Ronson lighter off of [sic] Grandy. He had sent to him as a gift with R.A.F. crest on it but as he has one already I bought it
[page break]
[RAF Crest]
from him. I'd better not tell you how much you would faint. Anyhow it's a brand new 21/- one. I shall have to go very careful until the twelfth.
As far as I can see I shall get a short week end on Pams birthday. We'll have a private little party to celebrate. [deleted] Thirtly [/deleted] Thirty chaps went to Scotland and I do hope and pray that I get home before I am sent North.
Over Xmas Grandy met a pal of his a traveller for Merry Miller cakes and flour and the outcome of the meeting was that he brought back a suitcase full of cakes gateaux and jam roll, in fact all the range of their products and after each meal we have a slice of cake or battenburg or some such fancy. We have bought a bottle of Robinson's L.B.W. and have before going to bed. Unfortunately we have to have it in cold water but still its refreshing.
So you[sic] going to be rationed for meat and sugar
[page break]
soon. The sweet tooths at home will have to learn to drink their tea without sugar if you are going to have puddings. Pamela will have to cut down on her meat.
[deleted] lab [/deleted] Maybe your troubles will be over early in the New Year. I hope so for yours and Pams sake.
Wish them all and yourself my very best hopes for a Bright New Year free from all worries and fears and between you and I the wish that very soon I shall be home with you for good to continue our very happy married life together
Forever your adoring
Harry xxxx


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