To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A three-page hand written letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. Harry describes the view from his room, being invited for tea and his hopes for coming home at Christmas.




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[RAF Crest]
No. 4. I.T.W. R.A.F.

Dear Jessie
Its [sic] a wonderful day down here more like September than [Correction. Was “then”] December. The first bright day without a cold wind and the Promenade is thronged with people. I have just come in from the balcony outside my room and from there I could see Beachy Head and Eastbourne away on my right and Hastings to the left. I hope you went for a walk this morning. I imagined you and Pamela strolling out and would have given the world to have been with you. [deleted] Afl [/deleted] Alf Dick and myself strolled out after church this morning just to give the girls a thrill. We're doing well can't keep face with all the dates we have. I am going out to tea today with a local chap and his wife. They invited me
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[RAF Crest]
to their home and seemed quite happy at making one of the "brave and noble airmen" welcome in their home. Hes [sic] got a dart-board and we going to have few hours on it after tea. He tells me he is inviting his sister as well so it looks as if I shall be well away. Getting my feet under a table in a few weeks in a strange town is not bad going. Still its [sic] not like home.
I have enclosed some photos [sic] that Mount took when we walked to Hastings and I see he has described them on the back. You will recognise some parts of them.
We are having a Maths exam on Monday but as I am on guard duty [deleted] that [/deleted] I'm hoping I shall miss it. Guard duty consists of two hours on and four hours off through twenty four [sic] hours so think of me whilst you are in bed, marching up and down outside the hotel in the middle of the night. We have the next morning off so you can have some sleep In any case it will be a change to Maths, Drill, P.T.
Has Mum written to Milly about coming down during
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my leave because it will be the last chance for me to see her for a long time.
You probably think me crazy trying to get home just for a few days and then coming home again Xmas but I feel that once we leave here it will be months before we see each other again and I think every moment counts.
Can you arrange for Mum to mind Pamela Xmas Eve so that you and I could go to the Palace and meet the boys. Dick and his wife will be there and chaps from different [deleted] centres [/deleted] training wings are sure to find there[sic] way there during the evening and we can have a merry time.
This starts the third week without you and darling I'm [deleted] y [/deleted] just longing to see you again
All my love
Harry xxxx



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