To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A three-page hand written letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. He responses to Jessie's loving letter and says how much he misses her. He should get seven days' leave over Christmas or soon afterwards. Also mentions how strenuous the physical training is.




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[RAF Crest]
Room 124
No 4 I.T.W. R.A.F.
Bexhill on Sea
Wed 6.12.39

My dearest
Thank you so much for your lovely letter today it simply radiated love and its nice to have you writing these sweet things you would find so hard to say. I think I [deleted] feel [/deleted] understand just how you feel. When I think back over the years I feel a great and overwhelming gratitude for all you have been to me and the great happiness you brought me. The happy memories [Correction. Was “momories”] will have to carry us on to Xmas and we must make the most of the short time I shall be home. The leave has [inserted] been [/inserted] definitely fixed from the 22nd to the 29 [underlined]th[/underlined]. Only seven days. It's a disappointment [sic] but its more than some will get. Think of the men in France, they'd give a lot for that. Six volunteers from each flight were called for
[page break]
to stop behind for duty over the holiday. Nobody stepped forward so the names will be taken from a hat. But still if I am unlucky I shall get a weeks leave after Xmas and so be home in the new Year. Im [sic] afraid it will upset things at home if I am away but for myself as long as I get the seven days with you I shall be content. If I miss you it must be much harder for you and I'm beginning to understand that saying "They also serve only who wait". I at least have plenty of new friends. You must find one, male or female to go to the pictures with. At least it will not be so lonely. I dont like to think of you walking alne [sic][alone]and sitting alone and having to [deleted] the [/deleted] go home by yourself. You deserve more than that.
I will go to the Abbey Road over the Xmas and try and straighten out this business. Did Tickett say anything about my insurance? My books came on Monday so I have been able to dig into my work. As for not being to[sic] clever, I want promotion so that I can earn more money.
Have settled down in my new room and like it much better. Ive [sic] stopped in this morning
[page break]
[RAF Crest]
and done some work on Algebra and some Morse and several little jobs I needed done[sic] and am shortly going to bed. We had a most strenuous morning and the P.T. was killing. One solid hour without a breather of running and most difficult exercises and then a run back to the Sackville to change for drill. What a life. Ive [sic] lost my waist line and am almost as slim as when you first knew me.
Ive [sic] not heard from Tom. How is he and what is he doing? Ask Joyce to let me know. Well its nearly lights out and I want to clean my boots so good night my love Xmas will soon be hear[sic]. Look after yourself and my baby Pam and give my love to all.
Your ever loving
[underlined]Harry [/underlined] xxxxx


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