To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A two-page handwritten letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. Harry writes in detail about the food and having to borrow money until his next pay parade.




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[RAF Crest]
No. 4 I.T.W.
Bexhill on Sea
Wednesday 29.11.39

Dear Jessie
Thank you for your letter this morning. I dont think [deleted] you [/deleted] mine was quite so prompt but still you have more time than I do. I feel at a loss for any news tonight, the day has been just the usual routine Maths Signals Drill and mealtimes. Perhaps you'd like to know what we've had to eat today so here goes. Bacon and Tomatoes for breakfast but I don't know what happened to the Toms as we usually have them fried in halfs [sic] but this morning they were served from a big stewpan [sic] and were just like tomatoe [sic] soup. Cornflakes and bread and jam and tea completed the meal. Dinner consisted of steak and kidney pie cabbage and potatoes followed by custard and prunes. For tea we had a treat. individual meat pies shaped like those round pork pies. Unfortunately
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[RAF Crest]
they did not taste like pork but still were not too bad. Brown and white bread butter and jam and tea made up the meal. I eat quite a lot of brown bread now. slimming you see. Went to N.A.A.F.I. and had sardines on toast and a cup of tea for fivepence. By the way. I had to borrow two shillings this week. Roll on Pay Parade. Wuthering Heights is down here this week and everybody seems [deleted] too [/deleted] to be affected by [inserted] the [/inserted] sheer misery of this film. Remember we both remarked on it when we saw it. I'm sorry these letters have so much I about them but its very difficult to find anything else to write about and I hope you get some interest from them.
Well dearest its nearly lights out so heres [sic] a good night kiss x all to your sweet self. from
Your [underlined] faithful [/underlined] Husband
P.S. Faithful. I've not had a chance to be otherwise.


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