To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A two-page handwritten letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. Harry writes about a three-hour drill and a lecture from Pilot Officer Biard.




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[RAF Crest]
No 4 I.T.W.
Bexhill on Sea
Tuesday 28.11.39

Dear Jessie,
Its [sic] been a lovely day here today. The sun shone brightly all day and it was realy [sic] warm. My aches have returned after three hours drill but a compliment from the Wing Warrant Officer made it worth while [sic] and we learnt that from now on we shall be putting a polish on what we have been taught.
Went up to the N.A.A.F.I. canteen tonight and had a cup of tea and listened to a pianist from NO.1 Squadron he was very good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. How do you like the new notepaper? Quite smart isn't it. Writing pretty awful but thats [sic] not too bad for a letter in bed. We had a lecture by P.O. Biard you know the one that won the Schneider Trophy in 1922. Isn't it annoying how one can
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[RAF Crest]
be mistaken in a man. When I first saw him I christened him "The Mannequin" [deleted] at [/deleted] [inserted] and [/inserted] yet when he was introduced to us in the lecture it turned out he was a test pilot for Supermarine Napier for twelve years and had had a most adventurous carreer[sic]. Hope you have managed the blackout curtains alright and the electric fire. I see you have had another liner stuck in the estuary which later caught fire. You seem to get all the excitement down there. We had a thrill today. An Avro Anson came over. Thats [sic] how tame things are here. If it wasn't for us training here the locals would not know there was a war on. I've settled down again now but it was hard yesterday after those few days at home.
[smudged]Kiss[/smudged] Pamela goodnight for me please do that every night and tell her I shall be home soon and for your sweet self well I can only say I think of you at least a hundred times a day and am sure you think of your
Always loving husband
Harry xxxxxx


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