To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


An envelope and a two-page handwritten letter from Harry Redgrave to Jessie his wife. He writes about getting paid and being issued with kit for physical training.

Also enclosed is some straw from his bed.




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Two handwritten sheets, envelope and some straw


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10 AM
17 NOV 1939
[postage stamp]

Mrs. H. C. Redgrave
Oaken Grange Dr.[Drive]
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[Inserted] Enclosed a portion of my Bed [/Inserted]

Bexhill on Sea
Dear Jessie
I am getting your letters quite regular now during our break from ten to half past and I look forward to that sit down with your letter and a cup of tea. Its a real joy Dear.
We've not been out anywhere this week except for our nightly stroll down the N.A.A.F.I. canteen. There we have a cup of tea and cake (twopence [sic]) and laugh over our days work they hope to have a radio and darts there soon but I suppose that will be after we've gone. Shorts and [correction was “any”] Gym [deleted] sp [/deleted] slips have been issued today and we start P.T. next week. Today has been easy owing to our stiff arms and we had pay parade this afternoon. I received five pounds. I am trying to wangle new boots on the strength of mine being too small. I hope its [sic] works.
Yesterday afternoon we had to write an essay on the Progress of the War. It was an awful shock but I struggled through and it sounded rather good when it was finished
Two of the boys are on a weekend leave so three of us are going
[page break]
after church on Sunday. We must get a change from Bexhill or we shall all go nuts.
Got a good library book this [sic] called "Lenin" God of the Godless". Oh and dont get thinking you can hug me to sleep when I get home. I'm feeling like two men now. The morse is a bit of a bind How nice it would be [sic] learn it like we did the Three Course Method and 90° turn. You know you're by far the sweetest instructor I ever had.
Sorry to hear Mum is queer and hope she is better now Tell her I will write at the first opportunity. Had a fourpenny haircut in the hotel yesterday quite good. You seem to be getting some nice programmes on the wireless. I wish we had one here
Well its nearly tea time so cheerio till tomorrows letter and before I close todays letter from you was [inserted] the [/inserted] best so far you [sic] writing very well.
Love to all from
Your always loving husband
xxxxxxx Give Pam one for me
[underlined] Stop Press [/underlined]. Proposed Xmas leave from Dec 22 to Jan 2

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[Straw taken from HC Redgrave’s Bed]


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