Dunkirk, Den Helder, Vlissingen and Ventura over Ijmuiden



Dunkirk, Den Helder, Vlissingen and Ventura over Ijmuiden


Top left an aerial vertical photograph of Dunkirk docks. A river runs from the sea bottom centre in a curve to top centre. Docks with moles and basins are to the right and the town is to the left of the river.

Top right an aerial vertical photograph of Den Helder. There is open sea in the bottom left with coastline running diagonally from mid left to bottom right. A river mouth at centre has fortification and sea wall on the left and dock basins and town to the right. There is an inlet from river to basins half way up river on the right bank with bomb explosions to its right.

Bottom left an aerial vertical photograph of Vlissingen town and docks. A triangular peninsular points upward into open sea at the top. On the left an inlet leads to inland to a large dock basin which connects to small basins above in the centre of a town. A Ventura is just about to cross the coast. Photograph caption 'A226 FEL 24643 5 11000 HV464'.

Bottom right an aerial vertical photograph of a Ventura flying right to left over a canal running top right to bottom left. The canal splits into channels in the town of Ijmuiden. Annotated 'Ymuiden [sic]' Photograph caption '3187 13.2.43//V5 8,800 ST 21'.



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