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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1943-02-13"

Reports arrival of letters and catches up with news. Mentions rumour that NCOs were moved to East Russia and he and others were being transferred to north compound. Hopes they will have a good tobacco crop that season. Says he still hopes to farming…

Letter from Terry to his family. He writes about family and friends, about the jitterbug craze, and that he is sending a parcel home with a few small items. He also mentions that his course is going well and he is in the midst of his mid-term exams.

Writes of mail and mentions an operation to Wilhelmshaven.

Top left an aerial vertical photograph of Dunkirk docks. A river runs from the sea bottom centre in a curve to top centre. Docks with moles and basins are to the right and the town is to the left of the river.

Top right an aerial vertical…
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