Part of letter to David Donaldson from his wife



Part of letter to David Donaldson from his wife


Letter to David Donaldson from his wife Joyce telling him of plans for his nephew's christening. Also information about paying bills, and other domestic details including how their daughter lost 4 tubes of toothpaste.
Catches up with family news. Discusses family financial matters and writes of daughter antics.

This letter is partly about the christening of David's nephew William. Joyce is living with her parents, her father whom she refers to as 'Daddy' was Maurice Edwards, Chaplain-in-Chief in the RAF from 1940-1944.

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Two page handwritten letter


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Daneshill Farmhouse
23rd January
Dear David,
I rang Elizabeth up last night and the christening is arranged for 1st or 2nd of February she will let you know in the next few days which date it is. They were all well though she said your Mother is rather tired.
Pogga and Dads are coming for the day on Friday as things stand at the moment though it is subject to alteration.
I am sending off some of your clean clothes tomorrow. Mary and Daddy have just gone (8.30 p.m..) Daddy we hope has already gone now. Mary seemed tired and glad to be able to rest.
[page break]
I found the bill from Hawkes and it is paid now I am sorry I mislaid it. I have also paid the doctor's bill (£2.18.6) [character deleted] the latter joint a/c.
Frances has disposed of four tubes of toothpaste heaven knows where. (Not in her inside I don't think.) Mary & I bought [deleted] two [/deleted] [inserted] one each [/inserted] & when last seen Frances was playing with them in the house. After the dissappearance [sic] of these I had t['w' deleted]o buy two new ones as I felt I must give Mary one as Frances had obviously hidden them. Foolishly I put the the second two in her pram when I bought [inserted] them [/inserted] & since we did not arrive back with them I can only assume they are scattered round the roads of Oxshott.
She can now say Hank = (Thank you)



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