Letter to David Donaldson from his wife



Letter to David Donaldson from his wife


Thanks him for letters and is sending books and and a shirt. Apologises that she cannot get to London due to work. Catches up with family news and mentions financial and health matters. Enjoyed brother Norman's letter and hopes he is enjoying new location.





Four page handwritten letter


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Daneshill Farmhouse.
19th January
Dear David,
Thank you so much for all your letters papers and telephone calls. I have not written or sent anything as I kept thinking you would have moved along before they arrived. I am sending off 2 books & 1 shirt.
I am so sorry I cannot come to London today, but the hairdresser gets rather cross if one puts her out too much as it is loss of valuble [sic] working hours & as the time you will be
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in London is so short I think it is hardly worth putting it off.
Mary is here for a few days she seems very tired and in need of a rest. I asked Pogga and Dads to come next week [word deleted] but Pogga has rheumatism so I am not sure if they will come.
May I pay the doctor's bill from joint a/c £2.18.6. Though it is quite justified on her part because she came for the flu as well I feel rather peeved. Though I am pleased the thing has been diagnosed & everyone is now satisfied. She has written to Malcolm to say [deleted] we [/deleted] I am quite willing to hold the matter over for [deleted] a bit [/deleted] sometime
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Frances will give you a lovely kiss when you see her next. She gets up in the middle of the night and demands kisses.
I was very amused by Norman's letter. I think he sounds as if he were enjoying himself or rather making the very best of rather a bad job. I wrote to congratulate him on his promotion before I got the letter so I hope he will really be a capt by the time [deleted] they [/deleted] [inserted] it [/inserted] arrives.
I hope you enjoyed your journeys over England & also like your new place. I am sorry this is so scratchy but it is the middle of the morning which is not the best time for me to write a letter
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I hope Ian gets some of the books we sent him though I suspect the first lot of being at the bottom of the sea.
With all my love & I hope I shall see you soon somewhere.



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