Dunkirk Docks



Dunkirk Docks
France Dunkirk Docks


Target photograph of docks at Dunkirk. A body of water stretches from the left side to the top middle with a tidal flats at the left end. From the middle bottom up to the lower bank of the waters is Mole 6 with multiple railway sidings on the left side and narrow buildings along the right side. Multiple bomb explosions go from left to right across the top of the mole and into the dock.To the left of the mole a canal runs from the bottom to just short of the main body of water. Further left is a large rectangular structure under construction with a road running from the bottom up to the structure. On the land side of the structure are several buildings and unidentified equipment. To the right of mole 6 is mole 5. Partially obscured by cloud and bomb bursts are further buildings as well as a large ship moored on left side of the mole towards the top. This loose photograph obscures a further album photograph underneath which is captioned 'France Dunkirk Docks'.





One loose b/w photograph laid over another captioned photograph mounted on an album page


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