Death of Renato Del Din



Death of Renato Del Din


A shoot-out is taking place in Tolmezzo. Alpini Lieutenant Renato Del Din has been shot in the head, causing him to drop his pistol and fall to the ground.

Label reads “104”; signed by the author; caption reads “CARNIA 25 APRILE 1944 – Cadeva a Tolmezzo in un colpo di mano tentato contro la caserma della milizia fascista il patriota Renato Del Din tenente degli alpini. Imponenti i funerali all’eroe, la salma tutta ricoperta di fiori nazi-fascisti furibondi e impotenti, da quel giorno la Carnia fu condannata”.

Caption translates as: “Carnia, 25 April 1944 – On this day, the patriot and Alpini Lieutenant Renato Del Din perished in Tolmezzo during a daring action against the Fascist militia barracks. The funeral of this hero was magnificent, the coffin covered in flowers. Nazi-Fascist were furious and powerless. From that day, the fate of the Carnia region was sealed."

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