Bombing of Porto Nogaro



Bombing of Porto Nogaro


Returning from an operation against an airfield near Gorizia, British aircraft drop small bombs on a rural lane where two oxen are pulling a cart. Two men are running away from the scene. Buildings are visible on the left.

Label reads “96”; signed by the author; caption reads “18 Marzo 1944. Liberator britannici sulla rotta del ritorno da un’azione di bombardamento sui campi d’aviazione di Gorizia, sganciano spezzoni sull’abitato di Porto Nogaro, una rastrelliera carica di spezzoni e caduta in un campo presso il cimitero rimanendo inesplosa, (dal vero).”

Caption translates as: “18 March 1944. British Liberators, on their way back from the bombing operation on Gorizia airfields, drop small bombs on Porto Nogaro, a rural village. A rack full of small bombs fell in a field near the cemetery. It did not detonate (true-to-life artwork).”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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