Bombing of the Latisana bridges



Bombing of the Latisana bridges


Twelve aircraft are dropping bombs on two railway and road bridges, as well as on the nearby town. A figure in uniform is running away and has dropped a rifle.

Label reads “015”; signed by the author; caption reads “19 Maggio 1944. Liberators e Fortezze volanti attaccano in ondate il ponte ferroviario di Latisana UD, l’obiettivo non è stato colpito, era un mercoledi giorno di mercato il paese affollato, veniva devastato con tutti i suoi abitanti sorpresi nelle strade”.

Caption translates as: “19 May 1944. Liberators and Flying Fortresses attacking the Latisana railway bridge (Udine province) in waves. The target was not hit – it was Wednesday morning, market day, and the village was busy. The inhabitants were taken by surprise in the streets while the village was devastated.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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