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Filiputti, Angiolino
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127 items. The collection consists of a selection of works created by Alfonsino ‘Angiolino’ Filiputti (1924-1999). A promising painter from childhood, Angiolino was initially fascinated by marine subjects but his parents’ financial hardships forced an end to his formal education after completing primary school. Thereafter, he took up painting as an absorbing pastime. Angiolino depicted some of the most dramatic and controversial aspects of the Second World War as seen from the perspective of San Giorgio di Nogaro, a small town in the Friuli region of Italy. Bombings, events reported by newspapers, broadcast by the radio or spread by eyewitnesses, became the subject of colourful paintings, in which news details were embellished by his own rich imaginings. Each work was accompanied by long pasted-on captions, so as to create fascinating works in which text and image were inseparable. After the war, however, interest in his work declined and Angiolino grew increasingly disenchanted as he lamented the lack of recognition accorded his art, of which he was proud.

The work of Angiolino Filiputti was rediscovered thanks to the efforts of Pierluigi Visintin (San Giorgio di Nogaro 1946 – Udine 2008), a figurehead of the Friulan cultural movement, author, journalist, screenwriter and translator of Greek and Latin classical works into the Friulan language. 183 temperas were eventually displayed in 2005 under the title "La guerra di Angiolino" (“Angiolino’s war”.) The exhibition toured many cities and towns, jointly curated by the late Pierluigi Visintin, the art critic Giancarlo Pauletto and Flavio Fabbroni, member of the Istituto Friulano per la Storia del Movimento di Liberazione (Institute for the history of the resistance movement in the Friuli region).

The IBCC Digital Archive would like to express its gratitude to Anna and Stefano Filiputti, the sons of Angiolino Filipputi, for granting permission to reproduce his works. The BCC Digital Archive is also grateful to Alessandra Bertolissi, wife of Pierluigi Visintin, Alessandra Kerservan, head of the publishing house Kappa Vu and Pietro Del Frate, mayor of San Giorgio di Nogaro.

Originals are on display at

Biblioteca comunale di San Giorgio di Nogaro
Piazza Plebiscito, 2
33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD)
++39 0431 620281

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Actions of the destroyer Vivaldi. Part 7
On a clear day and in a calm sea, the destroyers Malocello and Vivaldi are manoeuvring. The vessel in the middle has been badly damaged and is engulfed in flames. Figures can be seen on deck. The vessels on the horizon have also been hit and flames…

Actions of the destroyer Vivaldi. Part 8
During the night, the destroyer Vivaldi sails in rough seas around a peninsula. The land is very barren with only a few wooded areas and some white houses near to the seashore.
Label reads “61”; signed by the author; caption reads “8……

Prisoners of the San Sabba Concentration Camp being brutalised
Prisoners kept in the Risiera di San Sabba Concentration Camp are brutalised by German soldiers. Some men are chained to the support columns with manacles, whilst others lie on the ground. In the background a group is pulling a cart with bodies…

Laconia incident. Part 9
On a clear day, a four engined United States Army Air Force aircraft attacks the submarine U-156. Bullets are raining down on the figures on the deck of the submarine. Some of the figures are diving into the water, others are running for cover and…

The Eder, Möhne and Sorpe operation
A Lancaster flies over the explosion of an Upkeep bouncing bomb against a dam. A second aircraft has been hit by anti-aircraft fire and is plunging towards the water, engulfed in flames and smoke. A third Lancaster is visible on the right with a bomb…

Nino Zanninello hides an improvised explosive device inside a bicycle
In a mountain landscape, a man disassembles a red bicycle. The frame hangs from a tree. Parts and tools are scattered across the ground.

Caption reads “107” and “Novembre 1944. (1) L’inverno si avvicina a grandi passi e necessitano i…

Partisans attack a mountain check point
A group of partisans under cover behind rocks in the mountains are firing on a check-point. The figures below have been taken by surprise and are running around holding guns in the air. Two of the four partisans behind the rocks are firing with…

Bicycle with an improvised explosive device left at a mountain check-point
Nino Zanninello has been stopped by two of the soldiers manning a mountain check-point. One of the soldiers is holding onto the right handlebar of a bicycle, whilst another soldier is asking him questions and taking down notes.

Caption reads…

Explosion of an improvised explosive device at a mountain check point
An explosion destroys a check-point killing many soldiers. A machine gun emplacement is visible on the left hand side.

Caption reads “10” and “Novembre 1944. (4) Costretti dal fuoco dei partigiani, a starsene nell’interno della baracca,…

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Part 6
A mushroom cloud is prominent in the top of the painting with a smaller cloud lower down on a pillar of flame. Below that is a scene of mass devastation.

Inscriptions read “315” signed by the author; caption reads “(6)… Poi la testa del…

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Part 5
Buildings are engulfed in flames and a mushroom-shaped cloud of smoke and fire starts to expand over the town. Mass devastation is visible.

Inscriptions read “314” signed by the author; caption reads “(5)…E finalmente la sommità si aprì…

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Part 4
Buildings and people (visible as stick figures at the bottom of the image) are engulfed in flames as a column of fire and smoke rises into the sky.

Inscriptions read “313” signed by the author; caption reads “(4)… Alla fine quella sorta di…

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Part 3
While fire is engulfing the town, a mushroom-shaped fire-ball and smoke rise into the sky.

Inscriptions read “312”; signed by the author; caption reads “(3)… Poi sopra la palla di fuoco, apparve una colonna incandescente di colore rosso…

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Part 2
An enormous fireball is expanding above a built-up area, surrounded by rings of smoke. Building are destroyed and lattice structures have been thrown up in the air.

Inscriptions read “311”; signed by the author; Caption reads “(2)… alla…

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Part 1
An enormous explosion is occurring above a built-up area. Buildings are destroyed and lattice structures have been thrown into the air.

Inscriptions read “311”; signed by the author; Caption reads “HJROSHIMA E NAGASAKI 5-9 Agosto 1945.…

Enrico da Ronca persuades the partisan 'Romano' to stop the violence
In a town square, a figure in priest's clothes approaches a partisan who is brandishing a sub-machine gun. Two other figures in uniform are featured on the right hand side. Three Italian flags are visible on a bell tower with a clock.

Label reads…

Aftermath of a failed attempt at defusing a bomb
Members of the Unione Nazionale Protezione Antiaerea are clearing the rubble and debris of a severely damaged terraced building. Another broken wall is visible on the right of the picture. A woman and a young girl are stopped by one of the men on the…

Prisoners of war volunteer to defuse a bomb
People are held back outside the gate of a walled yard as a trolley carrying an unexploded bomb is pulled by five men, four dressed in green and one in a white shirt with the colours of the Italian flag. A young boy has climbed a column just outside…

Vanguard of the British Eighth Army enters S. Giorgio di Nogaro
Vehicles with British flags are entering the town while civilians line the streets, waving and throwing flowers. In front of a large building, behind the fountain, the Italian, British and American flags are flying. An aircraft is flying over and two…

The Spanish SS execute three civilians at S. Giorgio di Nogaro<br /><br />
Six soldiers have captured three civilians near a high stone wall. One of the civilians has been shot in the face and is falling to the ground. The two remaining civilians have been blindfolded and have guns pointed to their heads. An officer is…

Partisans neutralise the Carlino garrison
Four German soldiers have been captured by men in khaki and red uniforms. The Germans have thrown their guns to the ground and hold their arms up in the air in surrender. A large house and water-mill are visible in the background.


Partisans attack SS soldiers in a barn
Men in khaki uniforms attack a stable where three German soldiers are hiding. A German soldier has been hit and is falling onto the ground, while two of the soldiers in khaki have also been hit and are falling down. One German soldiers is firing a…

Partisans storm the S. Gervasio garrison
Men have surrounded a house and captured two German soldiers. Guns are pointed at the surrendering men, who have their arms held up. In the doorway of a house, one of the soldiers is being searched. The partisans are wearing mainly everyday clothes…

P-38 attacks the San Giorgio di Nogaro railway bridge
A dual truss railway bridge has been attacked by a P-38 fighter flying at near-ground altitude. The metal structures are engulfed in flames while debris is falling all around. A collapsed telegraph pole is visible in the bottom left corner. Five more…

The &quot;red devils&quot; partisan brigade in the Codroipo-Aris marshes
A semi-clothed man, whose left arm has been amputated at the elbow, has a rifle slung over his right shoulder and is directing men and one woman who are walking in knee to waist high water. Most of the men are armed and some are carrying boxes. The…
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