Fascists discover partisans hiding in a haystack



Fascists discover partisans hiding in a haystack


Three soldiers have found two partisans hiding in a haystack. One partisan has both his cheeks pierced by the bayonet of one of the soldiers and in the background, the other partisan has his arms in the air and a solider is pointing a rifle with a bayonet at him.

Label reads “94”; signed by the author; caption reads “15 FEBBRAIO 1944. Ronchis di Aquileia UD, 4 del mattino, i repubblichini circondano il fienile, dove sono nascosti 2 partigiani, forando il fieno con le baionette trapassano da parte a parte, la guancia di “Aramis” C. R. e catturano “Ragno” che tradi’. In localita Pantiera furono sorpresi, pur in un casolare “Spaccatutto” N. A .e “Boris” M. U. fuggito 8 giorni prima da Palmanova.”

Caption translates as: “15 February 1944. Ronchi di Aquileia (Udine province), 4.00 am. The supporters of the Republic of Salò surrounded the barn where two partisans were hiding, piercing haystacks with their bayonets. One bayonet pierced the cheek of “Aramis” (C.R.) from side to side, they also captured “Ragno” who then betrayed. Near Pantiera, “Spaccatutto” (N.A.) and “Boris” (M.U.) were caught in a farmhouse. The latter had managed to escape from Palmanova eight days earlier.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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