Letter to David Donaldson from Lee Waterhouse



Letter to David Donaldson from Lee Waterhouse


Letter to David Donaldson from Lee Waterhouse wife of former Lancaster crew member who had gone missing some time before. She has heard nothing and is distressed at having no news. Signed on behalf of her two children as well as herself. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.




Three page handwritten letter


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11. Baker Road.
Nr. Nottingham

Dear Skipper,
I received your letter today. for which I thank you. As you both understand ones thoughts are so confused during this anxious period. The babies are a blessing. Victor is most mischievous. Davi is just learning to walk. I am always busy with them, although there is that constant shadow.
You mention that in a few cases they turn up safe after more
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than two years.
Failing this safety – why is there such a long period before notification of death? one would think that in the worst case there would be a small clue. is it possible to learn what the “Germans” listed that particular night? You must both forgive my writing these queries, but I cannot discuss Vic, with his parents they are elderly and I lost my “Mum's” a fortnight before I received the wire from A.M. Re - . Vic.
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I wish so much I could resign myself to the fact, that the worst has happened. I've tried
We loved each other so dearly I suppose that is why I feel so strongly he is safe. However if I get any further news I will write you. I sincerely trust you are enjoying good health, and good luck.
[underlined] Victor Davi Lee. [/underlined]



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