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Mentions that he has six log books to cover his flying career. Gives a brief outline of career starting in Poland and then in United Kingdom starting in 1940. After training he became an instructor until volunteering for operations and posting to 300…

Ted Leaviss's certificate stating that he did not need to attend school and could be in full time employment.

Informs her that no further news news concerning him or any member of his crew had been received. Informs her that RAF missing research and enquiry service would be established to pursue enquiries for all RAF personnel reported missing.

From birth in 1920 until operational pilot in 1944. Covers early life in Battersea and Morden in London, family life, school and first jobs after leaving school at 14 years old. Describes family experiences at beginning of the war volunteering for…

'At last, I told you so, all the best from Got Hards.'

'Briefed at last - happy landings Pal' from 'Jim.'

'What about a QDM Mitch' from Bill and Jim.

'What's your ETA Mitch' from the gang.

'You've had it now Mitch' from Jim and Bill.

'Congratulations and best wishes for the future' from Celia and Tony.

'Congratulations and best of luck spare room is ready' from Cola and Mary.

'Briefed at last congratulations' from Bill.

A man wearing suit and hat standing with a wreath in front of a large memorial in a park. A serviceman stands by to the right. On the left a large group pf people in civilian attire watch from a footpath. On the reverse 'May 7th 1947. Maj [....…


RAF and other military officers as well as civilians including one with mayoral chains standing on a platform decorated with union and Australian flags. In the background multi-story city buildings. On the reverse 'Rear Admiral Allen, the Lord Mayor…

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Two civilians wearing overcoats and bowler hats walk in front of two RAF officers wearing uniform tunics. The officer on the right is Wing Commander Guy Gibson. On the reverse 'W/C G P Gibson V.C. D.S.O D.F.C and his visit to Trent Lane, Sat July…

A group of five RAF officers four wearing uniform tunics and the last an overcoat accompany a civilian with overcoat, bowler hat and umbrella all walking toward camera. The officer second from the right is Wing Commander Guy Gibson. On the reverse…

Three officers wearing uniform tunic, two with side caps and the third with peaked cap walking across a car park. Two officers on the left have pilot's brevet and the other officer an observer brevet. In the background a group of civilians and parked…

An officer leading a parade of RAF servicemen along a street with a saluting platform with many dignitaries on the left. In the background the street lined with trees and spectators. On the reverse 'Pre service parade. Nottingham Forrest - May 21…

A squadron leader lading a parade through city streets with crowds of spectators and shops in the background. On the reverse 'Squadron Leader A C Balls , officer commanding Nottingham City Wing. leading the parade. Pre-entry service parade 1943'.

Account of John Mitchell's career in the Royal Air Force from Oct 1934 until November 1957. Writes of his early ambitions to fly, and joining the RAF as a wireless operator. Describes his training and early postings to Worthy Down on Vickers…

A telegram with the words 'Can be made RAF Upper Heyford'

After a spell with 512 squadron mostly transportation flights Sam returned to the UK, flying as an instructor.
A the end of 1943 he returned to Bomber Command, 627 Squadron.
There is a photograph of the squadron grouped in front of a Mosquito.

News-sheet of the RAF ex-POW Association. This edition covers the large Canadian reunion of 1985 at Calgary, the Annual Dinner at Lords, Recco report of ex-POW activities, requests for help, Alan Bryett's lectures, the Association's AGM and annual…
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