Letter to David Donaldson from Frank



Letter to David Donaldson from Frank


Letter to David Donaldson from Jim (a former RAF colleague) accepting role of godfather to David's as-yet unborn child and describing life at RAF Watton and how he is trying to find post war employment. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.



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Five page hand written letter and envelope


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Wing Commander D. Donaldson D.S.O D.F.C.
137 Spa Lane
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Dear Don
I am sorry I have not answered your letter before, but as you know December is a busy month added to which I have been on a spot of leave.
What grand news! An addition to the family! you lucky people! As for my being a godfather I consider it an honour and it will give me great pleasure. It will be the first time I have been a godfather this is due to the fact that as you know I am a peculiar chap with funny ideas and being a godfather I take seriously and this is the first time I have felt justified
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in accepting this honour.
I sincerely hope that everything will be plain sailing and that your wish (boy or girl?) will be granted. What bad luck losing all your clothes, I know it's no good my offering to come to the rescue, I'm a trifle too long in the leg.
As you can see I am still in the R.A.F.. My release group (22) was due for release on Nov. 1st, the powers that be at the Air Ministry wanted me to apply for a P.C. or a postponement of release, I refused so the so and so's deferred my release six months which is again subject to revision in six months time. I have also had an interview with the War Office
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for a Civil Affairs Staff Officer Commission I was interviewed by a Major General Anderson who wanted me to take a post right away but again the Air Ministry refused to release me and will notify. but the War Office when they can have me. It appears to be a good proposition and I will probably accept as it means a permanent job, pensionable, and the pay (married no children) is between £650 - £700 per an tax [underlined] free [/underlined]
As regards Watton! I am very happy as I am living with Bobbie and we have super digs. but as regards life on the Station it stinks! It is another wonderful empire! I am C.O. Of the “Y” wing. I have and establishment [indecipherable word]
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1. W/C., 2. S/L, 3 F/L 6. F/O's, 1 W/O, and about 130 other bodies. Air Ministry have tried like you to find a S/L. or W/C. with the necessary qualifications for the job and have failed so now they are considering promoting me. I will be surprised if it comes off and if it does then I can't see them releasing me in six months.
By the way Don you might give me the odd clue Bobbie and I are still trying but so far no luck! I am hoping the new year will bring some luck. I have made a note of your address and will keep you notified of any change in mine.
With the very best of wishes
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to you and Joyce for the new year.
Yours most sincerely
[underlined] Jim [/underlined]
P.S. Bobbie has asked me to convey his kindest regards & sincere best wishes.




“Letter to David Donaldson from Frank,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 18, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11934.

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