Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife



Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife


Writes about exams and that he probably could get a commission. Comments on the course he is doing and the quality of the food. Catches up with family and acquaintance news.




Four page handwritten letter


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[underlined] NOTE: - Hut D [underlined] 6 [/underlined]
St. Athan
[underlined] 7 November. [/underlined]

Many thanks for your note received yesterday.
I am afraid even before I start I have not much to tell you in this letter darling. Still I'll send it along if it is only a couple of lines.
Nothing of interest has really happened here lately. I had the first exam in Engineering Science yesterday & Have [sic] just learned that I did quite well. 76%. Which is a class A pass.
If I could maintain that standard throughout the course I could probably get a Commission

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[underlined] 2 [/underlined]

Quite [sic] easily. However I am afraid that was only a flash in the pan. Or that I shall certainly find that portion of the course particularly interesting. The whole of the course is extremely interesting. It is astonishing the amount of work and calculation involved in planning a trip say for a raid, apart from the non technical organisation. For instance the varying speeds for certain distances all have to be worked out & altitudes in order to see how much petrol will be needed to get you back home & How [sic] many bombs or

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or if you are on Anti Submarine patrol Depth Charges can be carried [underlined] etc [/underlined]
[underlined] I am [/underlined] pleased to say that the food here is much better than we had at Cranwell but the Ques [sic] here are worse than any where [sic] I have been every where [sic] is terribly overcrowded, & Everyone [sic] stays about the camp during the week because it is Rather [sic] awkward to get away from & Back [sic] to.
I am pleased to here [sic] that Vera is better & I shall write her tomorrow.
You know David

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Aught [sic] to go to School as soon as possible now, so that he can get used to a bit of discipline before he gets too unruly altogether.
Well my love I have covered a page or two and dont [sic] seem to have said anything & yet my source of news is dry.
So by sending all my love on paper I'll Conclude [sic]
All yours



Ian Archer Wynn, “Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 27, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11826.

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