Letter from Mrs K Wynn to War Service Grants



Letter from Mrs K Wynn to War Service Grants


Kathleen Wynn is surprised she has received no grant and lays out what she would expect with two children under 14 years old. Points out that it is unfair for someone who has a husband on active duties to be worse off than another with a husband working in munitions.





Two page handwritten letter


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War Service Grants
Lytham St Anns
Dear Sirs,
Further to your communication of 11th Just I am extremely surprised that you have made no grant to me at all. You say that the minimum is 16/- per unit 2 children under 14 counting as adult (Actually 2 young children require far more than [deleted] 16/- [/deleted] [inserted] 8/-[/inserted] per week to keep them adequately clothed fed etc ) [sic] If you will scrutinize my figures you will see that I am slightly below the minimum 32/- per week. They are set out for your perusal below-:
[underlined] assets [/underlined]
2. 17. 0
[underlined] Liabilities [/underlined]
Rent 15. 0.
H.P Hoover. 2 6
Furniture Storage 3 0
Insurance 2 1
Doctors bill 2 6
[page break]
I fail to see why the wife & children of a man serving his Country & in danger as he is on Flying Duties, should be in a poorer financial position than a family where the husband is in a safe job on munitions. It certainly does not give one much hope for the future of the Country after the War.
Will you kindly inform me [inserted] of [/inserted] the date of the last under payable in my W.S.G. Book [deleted] (9116 [/deleted] X/2219572.
Awaiting your further communication
Yours faithfully




K Wynn, “Letter from Mrs K Wynn to War Service Grants,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 18, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11827.

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