Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Till



Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Till


Letter offering hope that some of the crew jumped and that husband Ian will come through.



Four page handwritten letter


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26. Kirkby Terrace
Nr [underlined] Lancaster [/underlined]

My dear [underlined] Kathleen [/underlined]
Thanks for your letter of yesterday I would have written straight back, but Pauline & I had arranged to walk into the next village where some friends are having a week in an Hotel there & I didn’t get the chance & in a way Im [sic] glad I didn’t because when I first read your letter I felt very done but Ive[sic] thought & thought it all over since & I can see plenty of hope, perhaps even more hope than before. Theyve [sic] only found 3 Kathleen well this is what I feel. There were 7 in the crew - they’d
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obviously been badly shot up & crashed but theres [sic] no reason why 4 shouldn’t have jumped safely - I cant see if they’d [underlined] all [/underlined] crashed whey[sic] they haven’t found them all and it may be that these 3 were already hit - & couldnt [sic] jump & so wouldn’t know anything about it. I [underlined] know [/underlined] - this is looking facts in the face my dear that Ian [underlined] may [/underlined] be the 3rd, but I’m equally sure he isn’t, you know Ive always said he jumped for it & until I know definitely otherwise I shall always believe it. & nothing will shift me from that. I know that the crews stick together till the last possible second [underlined] but [/underlined] no skipper would allow them [underlined] all [/underlined] to crash if there was no need, that’s madness - its not courage - its far braver to [indecipherable word] & come through to fight again. No! my dear - in spite of the grim
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news you sent I still feel that Ian will come through - I [underlined] cannot [/underlined] (& heaven knows Ive thought round & round it all ever since I got your letter I see why theyve only found 3 if they all crashed. It’s horrible to talk about I know - & seems worse written than said, but if they’d [underlined] all [/underlined] crashed why haven’t they found them all. NO! I just wont have it - 4 jumped & Ian was one of them - & I’m standing by that - & praying hard that I’m right & you must do the same. Oh I know its easy enough for me to talk - its not my man - & not my future laid in ruins but you know my thoughts are always with you & if praying & hoping can help, then Im sure Im trying to do my share. I’m not
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just saying all this to try and help you Kathleen I really do feel that it’s a very possible explanation of it all. Jack agrees with me - & says we must all go on hoping & believing that Ian is safe.
Now my dear I’m going to close - Ive got visitors for the day [indecipherable word] & I must do a spot of shopping so that means Lancaster & getting away shortly & I’m still in my “pit muck”.
Let us know if you hear anything more, [undecipherable word] you – in the meantime just remember you are ever in our thoughts - & go on believing hard that everything is allright [sic] – Love to all & much love to you.
[underlined] Till [/underlined]



“Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Till,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 25, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11490.

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