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Six men and three women standing in line. All men wear suit and tie and the man third from right has a mayoral chain. The women wear coats and hats. Roy Chadwick is in the middle of group. In the background the starboard inner engine and part of the…

Seven men and two women stand under the nose of a Lancaster. Two men standing nearer the camera wear suits and bowler hats and one a mayoral chain. Five men wearing suits and ties and two women wearing coats and hats stand in line. In the background…

A group of dignitaries including a mayor, an air force officer (saluting) and several other men and women on a reviewing stand with an ensign behind them. On steps behind and to the sides a large group of spectators in formal dress or uniform.…

Three men in dark suits and hats, the left hand one wearing a mayoral chain walking toward the camera. Behind a group of men and women and in the background a Lancaster in a fenced enclosure. Captioned 'Wings for Victory Week at Lancaster 1943. The…

A group of 18 aero-modellers standing in a line and holding their models. On the reverse is 'October 1942'.

Letter offering hope that some of the crew jumped and that husband Ian will come through.

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He considers the prospects of living together and starting a family. He writes of an aircraft landing in a field in Lancaster because of the weather, with some damage to the aircraft but no casualties. He also writes of his impending course at RAF…
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