Letter to Malcolm Staves



Letter to Malcolm Staves


A letter to Malcolm Staves from his grandparents. News from the farm and family matters.



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Two handwritten sheets and an envelope


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1591418 F/S Staves M. E.
C/o Sgts. Mess.
R.A.F. Station
Nr Thetford
[underlined] Norfolk. [/underlined]
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The Hollies
15th Nov 1945
Dear Malcolm,
Just a line now the fits on I have just been feeding pig & poultry & collecting eggs just one egg so you may guess it was rather disappointing, in fact I tell piggie but we are going to him on the 10th Dec if things go alright it is getting a very good pig so if you can come over and see us on that date you would be very useful if you wudnt [sic] kill it you could scratch some of the hair of, so much for the poor pig we have just about finished with the apples we have sold about 21st [sic] at 5/0 per stone so you may guess we have got heaps of money now anyway we keep strugling [sic] on we are saving some cold potatoes and cauliflower pickled onions ready when you come but dont [sic] forget to razor and apron as it look [inserted] very good [/inserted]
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Your Aunt Phoebe the last we heard she was improving so we hope she will soon be better and home again I think some of us is going to see her next Sunday then we shall see how She is we had a letter from your mother the other morning she told us about you been busy packing up I expect it not a very lively place perhaps you will not be there long I hope they will move you to Kirkby then you could soon pop in.
So much for this lot, we are keeping real well and get about as usual Ben Walter Tom are all well Maud, Will, Peter are well hoping to hear from you when you have got spare time.
So Cheerio
With lots of Love
From Grandad & Grandma
H, & R, Ely



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