Staves, Malcom Ely


Staves, Malcom Ely
M E Staves


77 items. The collection concerns Flying Officer Malcom Staves (1924 - 2012, 1591418, 203137 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, items, documents, photographs, and training notebooks. He flew operations as a wireless operator with 207 Squadron.

There is also a sub collection concerning Flight Lieutenant D A MacArthur.

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Staves, ME

Collection Items

Malcolm Staves and crew
A group of seven airmen, including Malcolm Staves standing in front of a Lancaster. They are wearing full flying gear.

Map pins
Map pins with the flags of the United Kingdom, France, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

Pair of socks
Blue woollen socks.

Haversack and strap
Shoulder bag issued to Malcolm Staves. Stencilled '1591418 Staves M.E.'

Flying glove
A left handed flying glove issued to Malcolm Staves.

Side Cap
A blue RAF cap issued to Malcolm Staves.

Malcolm Staves' Money Belt
A leather belt with two pouches for money.

Malcolm Staves' Flying Boots
A pair of boots issued to Malcolm Staves. The uppers could be cut away to convert them into shoes if the wearer was shot down behind enemy lines.

Malcolm Staves' scarf
A maroon, blue and white scarf owned by Malcolm Staves.

Side Cap
A cap belonging to Malcolm Staves as part of his RAF uniform.

Malcolm Staves' dog tags
Two identity discs issued to Malcolm Staves. An octagonal and a round RAF Volunteer Reserve disc both with his name and number. There is a cloth tie for wearing round his neck.

Signaller's brevet
Cloth brevet badge

RAF Boot Knife
Pen knife intended for cutting top away from escape flying boots, in order to convert them into shoes.

Pair of scissors and case
Scissors and case, Universat brand

Medal ribbon
Malcolm Staves' medal ribbon, both sides.
1939 to 1945 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal and War Medal 1939 to 1945.

De-mob Cigar
A cigar given to Malcolm Staves on his de-mob. Manufactured by Justus van Maurik

Wireless Operator's Dial
Three images of a metal dial with a red bakelite knob on top. It has the letters 'Q P N M L K J' on the top

No.1 Officers School, 84 Course
34 airmen and a dog arranged in four rows. Captioned ''A Squadron Aug. - Sept. 1946'. The individuals are named; Pilot Officer Malcolm Staves is fourth from the right on the third row.

207 Squadron Pilots May 1945
24 airmen arranged in three rows and captioned '207 Sqdn. Pilots May 1945.' On the reverse '406 Malcolm Staves'.

Summary of Medical Board examination of Malcolm Staves
The results of a medical examination of Malcolm Staves with a summary of medical classification.

Results of Medical Board for Malcolm Staves
A record of the results of Malcolm Staves' medical.

Postponement of Calling up for Service
A document issued to Malcolm Staves advising him that his calling up is postponed.

Warrant appointing Malcolm Staves Warrant Officer
Appointment of Malcolm Staves as a Warrant Officer in the Royal Air Force.

A Message from your Commander-in-Chief
A letter of encouragement to RAF trainees from the Air Marshall of Flight Training Command, P Babington.

Method of Wrapping Pigeons for Dropping from Aircraft
Nine drawings showing how to wrap a live pigeon prior to dropping it from an aircraft.
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