Letters to Malcolm Staves



Letters to Malcolm Staves


Two letters to Malcolm Staves from his grandparents. Domestic news and wishes him a good christmas.



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Two handwritten sheets and an enveloppe


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1591418. A.C.2 Staves M. E.
5 Hut 5 Site
Class 10 – E
B Squadron
No 2 Air Crew Wing
Royal Air Force
Nr Hereford
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The Hollie’s
[inserted] 21st Dec 1943 [/inserted]
My Dear Malk,
we are writing to wish you may have a nice xmas we did not know yours Addres [sic] untill [sic] your Mother sent it we are writing to six Grandsons to night [sic] you know what that means I am starting them then your Grandad is finsuing [sic] them, we had a box dates from Harry the other day, we keep hearing from him he is well that is all they can say, we had a letter from your Mother she said they was [sic] going to some friends for xmas day she said it would seem strang [sic] without you going with them but hope they will have a nice time and you will have plenty to eat when this job is over we hope to see it over soon, your Aunt Maud Billie & Pete is well Peter is busy making Airplanes he is making them for people for their boys you will be hearing from them no douth [sic], now I will give over and leave room for your Grandad with love from Grandma xxxxxxxxxxx
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Dear Malc
I was thinking about you the other day when I was cutting my finger nails you thought that I kept them very tidy, so do I, well we keep hearing from Cottingham they seem to be alright we sent them a few apples and a little chicken of course if you had been at home we should have had to sent [sic] a couple lets hope you will at home for another Xmas.
I think as things are looking now the war will soon be over they are getting a good smashing about now and I hope they will not forget it of a Thousand years
Well I must close so Cheerio
With best wishes for the future
And the best of luck
From Grannie 83 years & Grandad 81 years




“Letters to Malcolm Staves,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 1, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11359.

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