Letter to Mrs Wilson from father of Sergeant T Liddle



Letter to Mrs Wilson from father of Sergeant T Liddle


Letter from Mr T Liddle, father of mid upper gunner Sergeant T Liddle. Writes that he has no news of his son and that he is in communication with other parents of crew who have also had no news. Hopes for good news. Mentions that his son had three brothers in forces




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Two photocopied sheets, two page handwritten letter and printed transcript


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3 Beadnell[?] Rd
[one indecipherable word] Hill


Dear Mrs Wilson.

Thank you so much for your kind letter, no unfortunately I have had no news of my son and I am in communication with several of the Parents of the Crew, and nothing has been heard of any one of the Crew. To me it seems almost impossible that a Lancaster & Crew could disappear and nothing be heard of them. I know it takes quite a time for things to get found. not[?] in a big Raid. but I hope & pray that when news comes it will be the news we are all longing for and if I should

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get any news good or bad I would write to you at once.

It was very kind of you to write to me. My son has 3 brothers in the Forces. 3 in RAF. One in the Army. May I ask you why your husband was the Pilot of the Lancaster and not the Pilot (original) excuse me for asking you.

Hoping that good news will come soon to us all.

Yours very sincerely
Tom-Clive Liddle.

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T Liddle, “Letter to Mrs Wilson from father of Sergeant T Liddle,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 6, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10815.

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